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The New Era

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The New Era
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 1 avatar *Smoke*Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.2013-04-3020/09/18, 05:37 pm4119 Send private message 
 2 avatar KittyI'm not funny. I won't try to be. My jokes are rumored to cause people sudden death.2013-05-2925/06/18, 10:58 pm2066 Send private message   
 3 avatar megarinWhat2013-04-3013/02/16, 12:28 pm2054 Send private message   
 4 avatar Roo12Puffins - 'nuff said2013-07-2023/03/18, 01:15 pm1710 Send private message   
 5 avatar NecroFancyPeople Hurting Themselves (Like Falling Down The Stairs At My School) :D2013-04-3007/11/14, 07:50 pm817 Send private message   
 6 avatar StormheartI try to be humorous, but it's hard. 2013-11-2903/07/16, 04:56 am701 Send private message   
 7 avatar FeralclawI'm the only one who has truly awoken on my other forum. 2014-06-0426/10/16, 03:11 am666 Send private message   
 8 avatar Mini~2013-04-2910/11/18, 04:51 pm488 Send private message 
 9 avatar RosePuppySave the bees2014-08-0912/07/18, 09:23 pm443 Send private message   
 10 avatar -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«-what's aradia's favorite drink? minute maid2013-09-0708/07/16, 02:21 am440 Send private message (Inactive ATM.) 
 11 avatar SilvertalonI'm humorous when I'm not even trying to be2015-01-1208/05/15, 01:28 pm149 Send private message   
 12 avatar Thistlestar2016-02-1215/07/16, 05:50 pm98 Send private message   
 13 avatar CattBoredom is the most painful way of turture :(2013-10-1225/01/16, 10:09 am91 Send private message   
 14 avatar Static ElectricityWhen your teacher threatens to move you and you're like "HA! Moving me won't solve anything. I talk to EVERYONE."2013-05-0223/03/16, 10:50 am58 Send private message   
 15 avatar Claw2013-05-1122/02/16, 07:34 pm46 Send private message   
 16 avatar RawrandSuchI'VE MISSED THIS!!!2014-08-2325/12/15, 12:56 am40 Send private message 
 17  HedgepawIf a guy has a magical sword that's impossible to get, how did he get it?He went back in time and gave it to himself. Wrap your mind around thaaaat! 2014-12-3116/01/15, 11:06 pm37 Send private message   
 18 avatar LouMeow.2015-01-1326/03/16, 12:24 pm29 Send private message   
 19 avatar StoneWolf387What does the fox say? Friend: *Makes Dinging noises* Me: Why would he say that?2013-11-1618/05/14, 10:55 pm27 Send private message   
 20 avatar Searisha2016-12-2822/06/17, 03:42 pm23 Send private message