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Daisuke, Joyce's dog

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Daisuke, Joyce's dog

Post by RosePuppy on 30/09/14, 07:57 pm

Character name: My family calls me Daisuke, so is that my name?

Nickname: Usually when they give me orders, they only call me Daisuke

Character age: They said I am four years old.

Gender: I think I am male, since that's what the humans say

Personality: I don't really know, I guess you just have to meet me!
Daisuke is a sweet dog. He is friendly with anyone, until they bother his owners. He is vicious when fighting with something, and will bravely throw away his life for his owner if it ever came to that.

Appearance: Well, my owners say I'm a yellow color, whatever that is.
He is a muscular yellow Labrador, that usually has a friendly look.

Mental Disabilities: What are mental disabilities? My owners never mentioned that.


I love it when my owner pets me!
I also love running!
And I love trees!
And grass!
And all animals!
And meat!
And humans!
The good kind of humans though
I love the military!
They're very nice
And I love everything!

I don't like titans though.
I saw a few when my old owner took me up on top of the wall.
They were scratching, and biting, and munching, and I didn't like it.
I don't like the bad humans
The ones that run from the military
And I hate hate hate hate hate!

Current mate: A mate? Maybe one day!

Current crush: I haven't seen very many other dogs around, dogs aren't very common I don't think.

Offspring: I don't have any, but maybe one day!

Family: Oh, family... Right, I had a nice mother and father, I learned my father's name was Dakota. I didn't learn my sibling's names though.

History I don't like thinking about it.
Daisuke lived with his mother and father. They were strays, but one day someone took them in. It was a man who kept them for a while. When the titans attacked they were scattered, and Daisuke ended up on the escape boat with a man named Daichi. He had found them and managed to get Daisuke. Eventually they escaped and he lived with Joyce and her uncle, Daichi.

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