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Rannoch the Wanderer

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Rannoch the Wanderer

Post by Roo12 on 07/11/14, 06:28 pm

Rannoch (the Wanderer)



19 Years Old


Grandparents Bhreac and Blindweed- Brheac alive, living in the mountains near the Ibissa; Blindweed killed by the king of  Adriwia
Father Brechin- Killed by a bear
Mother Eloine- Died in Battle
Sister Canisp- Age 21, Alive in Mirimar

No Kingdom

Sage, bounty hunter, travelling musician/tradesman 

Social Status: 
None - rarely comes into contact with other people

Apperance -picture-:

Physical Appearance:
Rannoch's most notable feature is his firey ginger, long, curly, tangled hair that reaches down just past his shoulders, the right half of his face often covered in a matted fringe. From his curls hange two blue-ish grey hawk feathers that his mother attached for him when he was six years old, along with a beautifully decorated boomerang made from walnut wood for a hunting/scavenging tool as well as a toy that her son still carries with him today. 
Rannoch's face is soft and pale, dotted with  bronze freckles from exposure to the sun. He has big, vibrant green eyes that glow with laughter underneath dark reddish-brown eyebrows. 
Though rather skinny, the wandering boy isn't terribly tall, standing at around 5'7". His thinness is down to a lot of moving around and occasional lack of food during winter months, though he isn't weak or weedy in the least, bearing the strength of a hunter-traveller.
Similar to his locational movements, what Rannoch wears depends on the season and the weather. During the spring, he fashions a reed-woven jacket with a duck feather hood and plasters his boar-hide boots with waterproof fish-skin. In summer, a buckskin tunic and his normal navey fabric trousers serve well in the warmer climate. When Autumn comes, little changes beside the fashioning of a hareskin vest and hood. Winter months require a whole new outfit, with Rannoch often having to visit towns and markets to purchase materials. He makes bear hide over-pants, an elk hide jacket and reinforces his boots with turtle shell at the toe tips to protect from the icey ground.  All clothes that are no more use to him are sold on his seasonal visits to different towns. 

Though Rannoch now lives alone (along with his red deer, Oskan), he still remains rediculously care-free and fun-loving. His social skills aren't the best due to the lack of time he has spent with other people that weren't his own family, but he manages to get by when he needs to. This is except when it comes to talking with kingdom officials which he comes into contact with whenever he does the occasional bounty hunting job, where upon he fearlessly mocks and jokes at lords and barrons, and once even the King of Mirimar, who luckily had a good enough sense of humour and debt to Rannoch for hunting an infamous criminal to let the boy off. 
Usually, Rannoch keeps to himself, wandering the kingdoms on the back of Oskan and living an aimless but deeply satisfying life. He can be cowardly at times, often chosing flight and not fight if given the option, though he isn't a total wimp. 

Born to a secluded tribe known as the Faolan Clan, a small communtity of hunter-gatherers living deep within the forest on the outskirts of  Miraoniel, Rannoch grew up to the rythm of the wilderness. His parents, Brechin and Eloine, were highly respected warriors, often sought by their leader for advice. They were loving parents to Rannoch and his older sister, Canisp. 
When children of the Faolan Clan reach the age of twelve years old, they are presented with a red deer calf that they are to raise into their 'Spirit Brother' that they will ride on hunts and into battle, and anywhere they go. Rannoch named his calf Oskan and the two grew up together, galloping through the forests and mountainsides freely. 
However, when Rannoch was fourteen, the king Bruient ordered their clan to be killed before they could grow too large. Brechin and Eloine both fought to save their clan, but, like every other Faolan warrior, they were doomed to fail. Eloine was killed, but Brechin managed to escape with his children. The three of them rode away from their burning camp and vowed never to stay in one place too long in fear of being caught. 
It was at this time that their father began telling them wild tales and folklore to Rannoch and Canisp, who were captivated. He told them of dragons and giants and nobel queens and evil kings. He even told the story of his parents, how his father had defended a family from the king's soldiers and had paid with his life, his mother leaving him with the Faolan Clan soonafter and never returning. 
Soon after Rannoch had reahed his fifthteenth birthday, a bear attacked he and his family, killing his father as he tried to protect them. Canisp and Rannoch fled the scene, his sister soon settling in the kingdom of Mirimar to work as a cook for the king there. 
Rannoch remained in the wilderness with Oskan, making a bit of money here and there, but mainly living off the land.



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