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(Deceased, StarClan) Pineleaf

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(Deceased, StarClan) Pineleaf

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 06/01/15, 04:07 pm

Name: Pinekit, Pinepaw, Pineleaf

Appearance: A deep brown tom with a white belly, a white left hind paw, and bright, shining leaf-green eyes.

Personality: He was extremely talkative and social in life, and he carried that trait with him to StarClan. He was fairly young when he died, and thus he still has a youthful mindset about him. He is definitely an optimist.

StarClan or the Dark Forest?: StarClan, if that's okay. (:

Clan: ThunderClan

Rank: He started out as a warrior's apprentice, but realized he loved herbs and healing more, so he became the medicine cat's apprentice. 
After the medicine cat passed away, he became medicine cat, but he had fallen in love with a loner as he met her while he was collecting herbs. 
Fearful of the clans wrath, he told his apprentice that he was leaving and that the clans health is in new paws now. 

He left with the loner, but days later, they had to cross a thunderpath. She got across safely, but Pineleaf, weak with hunger as the prey went into hiding for leaf-bare, tried to run, but it was no use. He was too slow.

All he saw was a flash of large light from the monsters eyes, and the horrified look on his mates face. All he heard was the vrooom which seemed to be like a growl from the monster.

Then there was only starlight.

Extra stuff: I hope it's okay that he was a medicine cat in life? This was like waaaay back so I don't think we know who was medicine cat at the time. Is this okay?

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