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Emberpelt of ShadowClan - Retired

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Emberpelt of ShadowClan - Retired

Post by Lou on 14/01/15, 07:00 pm

Character name: Emberpelt

Nickname: N/A, she hates nicknames.

Character age: 24 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: ShadowClan

Rank: Warrior

Personality: (Long Description) Emberpelt is very self-centered and narcissistic, and she makes sure everyone knows it's all about her. She is fully aware of her beauty and almost obsessively keeps her fur spotlessly clean.

Even with her queen-like appearance, she is a very skilled warrior; she trained exceedingly hard in her apprenticeship because she wanted to be the strongest warrior in the clan. She isn't, but she thinks she is.

Her egocentrism makes her nearly unable to think about the wants or needs of others since the world revolves around her. She is indifferent to everyone's rights and expectations and tends to ignore social obligations. Emberpelt only fights because she wants to and does the work of a warrior because she wants to, not because it's her duty.

Appearance: (Long Description)
The she-cat's fur is medium-length and always kept carefully groomed. She is a beautiful mix of black and bright orange, with orange splotches randomly placed on her body and balanced with white highlights. Her nose is a vibrant pink, her eyes a stunning gold. Emberpelt is certainly a gorgeous cat and genetics are definitely on her side.

She is not a terribly large cat, but she isn't small either. Her body is average-sized, emphasized by a long fluffy tail and long, elegant legs. Emberpelt is in great shape, her powerful muscles clearly visible when she struts around the camp.

Mental Disabilities: (not exactly a disorder, but pretty close) Egocentrism

+Mainly herself
+Rabbit meat
+Forcing her opinions on others

-Others telling her what to do
-Getting her fur dirty
-Too much water
-The smell of Two-Legs

Current mate: N/A

Current crush: She is too narcissistic to focus on other people, let alone a crush.

Offspring: N/A

Family: Father is deceased, mother is NPC and brother is a loner, NPC

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