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Dusk - Loner (Soon to be ShadowClan)

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Dusk - Loner (Soon to be ShadowClan)

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 15/01/15, 02:13 am



Clan & Rank

Dusk is easy to describe. He is simply a pure black cat with short fur. His eye color is a pale amber, and he is quite scrawny, with a long tail and long claws. Though he isn't a little cat, he is much smaller than most toms as he is about the height of a she-cat. He's skinny, and his legs are short. He basically has the body of a she-cat instead of a tom, lacking the usual muscle toms have as well.

He was born as naturally talkative and playful, a youthful, always optimistic cat at heart. His traumatizing history transformed him into a jumpy, paranoid cat, and he is now much more shy.

+Storms or rain

+The sound of thunder

+Cloudy, overcast days

+Forest areas and rivers or water, surprisingly

-Twolegs or anything related to them

-Too sunny days

+He's fast, and can run and dodge amazingly quick.

-He's small, and not very strong.
+His black coat helps disguise him at night.

-In day, his pelt stands out like an open target.

He likes to gnaw on his claws

He still plays with leaf balls, despite being a warrior-aged cat.

Disabilities or flaws?

He's shaky and quiet, and ultimately fearful of most cats at first.
It might be that something is a tiny bit wrong with him, as his earlier situation traumatized him more than it would another cat.
It's unknown for sure, but Dusk is a kind cat, and he's not a danger to anyone. Rather, he thinks everyone is a danger to him.


Dusk was a kittypet when he was born, but a he wandered away because he wanted to explore around him more, and was curious about what was around him. He didn't know that black cat hunters roamed about secretly.


Dusk looked at the twoleg, huge in comparison to his small body. His first instinct was to rub against its leg, so he might get a gentle hand upon his dark fur. Instead, a shiny, silver, pointy thing came out from a hiding spot on the twoleg.
Confused, Dusk looked up at it, and then the twoleg grabbed him roughly, and set him on a nearby odd wooden contraption that he saw twolegs sit on frequently.

Suddenly, the silver thing came down, aiming for him!
Surprised and shocked, he started for the side to dodge the odd thing, sharp as a claw.
And he found out just how sharp it was as his attempt to evade failed. He was too slow, and the thing dug into his side. Thankfully, it had not hit any major sites, but it was agonizingly painful anyway.
Not sure what was happening, Dusk looked at the twoleg with confusion. The twoleg took out the claw-like thing. He aimed again, but Dusk gathered his strength and leaped from the wooden thing, sprinting into the woods faster than he had ever run before.
He had to run away from this twoleg! He was horrified at the cruelty it showed.

I have to run!

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