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Squirrelkit of WindClan - Retired

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Squirrelkit of WindClan - Retired

Post by Lou on 18/01/15, 05:14 pm


Name: Squirrelkit (Squirrelpaw, Squirrelheart)

Nickname: Squirrel

Age: 2 moons

Gender: Male

Rank: Kit

Clan/Tribe: WindClan


Appearance Image:

Pelt hue: Mouse brown

Eye hue: Olive green

Description: -Light brown base with dark brown and black stripes, cream-colored outlines around his eyes and mouth
-Fur is short and very soft but often messy and dirty
-He hasn't developed much muscle yet, he's still very young
-His paws and ears look a bit too big for his body


Likes: -Playing with his siblings

Dislikes: -Naptime
-Too much rain

Personality: -He is very hyper and gets easily distracted
-Often forgets what he's supposed to be doing
-Tends to get fussed at by his mother a lot for various things
-He generally wants to play all the time
-He has a loud meow to match his loud personality
--Most likely has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)


Mother - (open, mother is needed)
Father - Unknown
Siblings - (NPCs) Swampkit, Featherkit

History: Squirrelkit doesn't have much of a history yet, as he is only 2 moons old. His days mainly consist of playing with his brother and sister, sleeping, and eating. He also likes practicing his "hunting" skills on unlucky leaves, much to his mother's chagrin. (His technique is all wrong, ugh!)

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