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Another evil warrior

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Another evil warrior

Post by Silvertalon on 23/01/15, 04:21 am

Name: Snakewhisker, (Snakekit, Snakepaw)
Gender: Tom
Age: 12 moons
Rank: warrior
Clan: Shadowclan
Looks: Silver and black tabby cay with sharp green eyes, one eye is blinded.
Personality: daring, competitive, mean and bossy.
Side: Dark side
Mini story: Snakepaw was visited as an apprentice by a dark forest cat, he never knew the cats name but he got convinced to join there side. He was teased on with his blind eye and everyone was better then him so he wants to be the best at everything and get revenge on the cats who made fun of him. He didn't know he was on the dark side but know he's figured it out as an new and has gotten lots of battle training as well. He loves it there more because the cat who taught him is like a father to him.His real mother was a kittypet and his father was mean to him and would always ignore him.

Anyone wanna be his 'trainer' from the dark forest?

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