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A Bloodclan kittypet

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A Bloodclan kittypet

Post by Silvertalon on 23/01/15, 05:22 am

Name: Clover
Gender: Tom
Age; 17moons
Rank: warrior; he will try to get in for a deputy but it might be too high of a rank for him
Looks: A brown Abyssinian cat with green leafy eyes, very handsome because of his old kittypet looks.
Personality: TRicky, sly, caring and smart. He might looks handsome and kind on the outside but definitely not on the inside.
History: Used to be a kittypet, now escaped and found Bloodclan and joined them.Gets teased a bit by called kittypet, then uses the comeback by reminding them Scourge was a kittypet.
Side: Not sure yet, might be dark side.

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