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Yellowclaw ~ ThunderClan

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Yellowclaw ~ ThunderClan

Post by Claw on 19/02/15, 09:29 pm

Name: Yellowkit  Yellowpaw  Yellowfang
Clan: ThunderClan

Gender: Female

Age: 42 Moons

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: N/A

[ltr]Appearance: Yellowclaw has a muddy-grey pelt that looks like she ran through a mile of dirt. No matter how much she cleans her fur, it always looks like that. She has piercing yellow eyes that have stood out in her appearance ever since she was a kit. She's a shorter sized warrior but her long claws more than make it up in a fight. She is the epitaph of her name.[/ltr]

Personality: Yellowclaw is a good-natured she-cat who does not enjoy talking. She just simply likes to act quiet even though she is as fierce as a fox if messed with. She has a sharp tongue to those who annoy her but a soft heart to those she cares about. She is deathly afraid of heights and therefore hates jumping. But when protecting her clan, she would gladly fall off a cliff nine times.

+Calm days

History: Yellowclaw isn't the youngest cat in the clan, so she she more than remembers the fight with the Malum when she was a young warrior. It taught her how much a clan should mean to a cat, and she took that straight into her heart. She was born an only kit, and with no other litter to speak of her parents adored her. She had a healthy upbringing and a strong mentor, and so she excelled in her apprenticeship. The reason she is afraid of heights is because she sneaked out of camp as a kit and when the warriors found her she was caught by a hawk. She went above the the trees and when the hawk dropped her on accident she luckily landed in bunches of moss. She was incredibly lucky that day but she's been afraid of going higher than the ground ever since.

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