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Anything But New, But Also Did Not Introduce Myself!

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Anything But New, But Also Did Not Introduce Myself!

Post by Stormheart on 06/03/15, 12:52 pm

Hey everyone! I got this idea from Silverheart, as she did the same! (Thanks Silverheart! ;3) So I am anything but new, I've been here since 2013, but I still want to put some facts about myself! Here I go!

1. I am from Baia Mare, Romania, but now I live in Canada.

2. Romanian is my first language, and I am fluent in English and Romanian.

3. I love skiing, and have been doing it since about 6 years ago, and I especially love skiing in Poiana Brasov (My fav ski place in the world, in Romania)

4. I love pizza, sushi, and a whole variety of other foods.

5. I want to ultimately be an astronaut, that is my dream, and to get there I want to become first a pilot, then a fighter pilot, then a test pilot and from there astronaut.

6. I am very interested also in the National Romanian Railway, (CFR) and I am active on forums for people who like it!

7. I like taking pictures and movies of things, various, and I would like a camcorder for my birthday, or a good camera. (for now I am using my phone which is ok)

8. My favourite season has to be winter, for a variety of reasons.

9. I like to read and draw, even though I am not the best at it (Not too bad, at least), and sometimes I write.

10. I like to play some video games, and I am a big fan of various movies, a good example would be Star Trek, which I am currently in the process of going through the episodes, but I like many more movies too.

That's pretty much it for now, I don't want to make it too long so it is tedious to read, and also I am out of ideas for now. :) This is a great forum! <3

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Re: Anything But New, But Also Did Not Introduce Myself!

Post by Silvertalon on 17/03/15, 05:32 am

You made two of these, i think.

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