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Speckledawn - Medicine cat of Thunderclan

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Speckledawn - Medicine cat of Thunderclan

Post by Speckledawn on 02/07/15, 06:33 pm

Character name: Speckledawn

Nickname: None, unless you want to call her Dawn

Character age: 29 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: Thunderclan

Rank: Medicine cat

Personality: (Long Description) Speckledawn is very energetic, very playful and humorous. Due to her being forced into being a medicine cat by her brother, Robinwing, she never did like being a medicine cat. She is very sensitive and tends to over-react over things that may or may not be important to everyone else.

Appearance: (Long Description) Specklesdawn's pelt is the usually long calico fur. Her belly, legs, chest, and face are white. The calico colors mostly cover her back, tail, back of neck, and top of head.

Mental Disabilities: Due to her sensitivity, she over-reacts and can create drama without a flick of her tail.

Likes/Dislikes: Speckledawn likes the idea of having a mate and kits because she had planned to do that in her life before she became forced into being a medicine cat by both her brother and the leader. She dislikes being told she's the medicine cat no matter who is telling her, even the leader itself couldn't make her like her rank.

Current mate: Can't have one, sadly

Current crush: Stoneclaw

Offspring: Can't have any, sadly

Family: Brother Robinwing, any takers?

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