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Icestrike - warrior of Windclan - uncompleted

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Icestrike - warrior of Windclan - uncompleted

Post by Kitty on 01/01/16, 03:09 pm

17 moons
Icestrike is a pure white tom with short fur.Like most Windclan cats, he has long legs and a very long tail. His eyes are a striking icy blue that stick out from his boring white pelt. He has broad shoulders and long, sharp teeth and claws. I guess you could see he can be a bit intimidating with his deep, loud voice and strong muscular build.
Icestrike is the type of cat that gets along with everyone. He is very calm, patient and understanding when he needs to be. When cats need some encouragement and some critical advice, he is more than happy to give it. Of course no cat is perfect, and inwardly Icestrike is always doubting himself, bringing himself down. He never thinks he is good enough and will mess everything up due to the fact that his parents disappeared when he was an apprentice.
Icestrike had amazing parents who loved each other. They were the perfect family. One day Icestrike, then Icepaw, had an argument with his parents and then stormed out of camp. He was gone for hours, and his parents went looking for him. When Icepaw returned to camp, his parents had not returned and he was told they had left. Days went by and they had not returned. Nobody knows what happened to them, and Icepaw grew up blaming himself. Nobody except him and his parents knew of their argument.
None yet,he thinks that they are hopeless.
None yet, he is scared to have one.
None yet, he is scared to have them.

His dream is to become a leader.


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