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Pridepaw of ShadowClan (New, finished)

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Pridepaw of ShadowClan (New, finished)

Post by Roo12 on 02/01/16, 07:07 am

Character name:
Pride Pridepaw Pridestep


Character age:
8 moons




Personality: (Long Description)
Pridepaw is much more introverted than his siblings. He doesn't talk much, except to Eaglepaw and Mochapaw. He has always been weaker than most cats his age, and him being born out of a clan certainly adds to that. He can also be quite cynical and pessimistic, although many don't know this because he keeps it to himself. Although his parents loved him, his father Shade always appreciated his brother Noah more because of his superior strength and boldness, making Pride a fairly bitter and jealous character.
However, he can be incredibly kind and supportive to a cat in need. He cares deeply about his friends and loves clan life. He isn't brilliant at fighting or hunting, but he pulls his weight and obeys the rules, making him quite popular with the clan, especially the elders.
Pridepaw has always felt there was something missing from his life; he's never known what, but he has this constant feeling like he's waiting for something. He misses his family, his mother most of all as she was always there when his father was doting over Noah. But as clan life progresses, he finds himself thinking about them less and less.

Appearance: (Long Description)
As mentioned, Pridepaw is a bit scrawnier than many cats his age. He has a thin black and ginger tortoiseshell coat that doesn't shield him well from the weather, but is good camouflage in the wooded territory. His pads are pink, whiskers white, and his claws are long, perfect for climbing trees. He is a gaunt but fair-looking tom, if not a little glum-looking, as his resting face is a thoughtful frown.

Mental Disabilities:
He's introverted and is easily angered or stressed, but apart from that nothing.

+Mochapaw and Eaglepaw
+Pine scent
+Planning/figuring things out
+Learning/discovering things himself
+Peace and quiet
+Climbing trees

-Loud noises
-Feeling inferior/powerless

Current mate:

Current crush:


Shadeclaw - father
Larkpaw - sister
Mistlepaw - sister

Pridepaw, then called Pride, was born in the city to his mother, Clover, and his father, Shade. His litter consisted of his two sisters, Mistletoe and Lark, and his brother, Noah. Unlike his siblings, Pride had been much weaker and sicklier from birth. While not a runt exactly, his father always somewhat favoured his strong, bold brother Noah over Pride, making the little kit grow jealous. However, Pride and his siblings remained close, and Shade and Clover were good parents, teaching their kits the vital rules for surviving in the city.
One day, Colver's sister Holly visited the family after her wide travels and told them of the countryside. When the two parents showed interest, Holly revealed that there were four clans living in territories across the hills and woods of the countryside. After Holly left again, Shade and Clover decided to journey to the territories of these wild cats to raise their kits in their culture.
However, as their journey was drawing to a close, the family came across a Thunderpath between them and the clans. The narrow countryside roads were alien to the parents (who had much experience with the city Thunderpaths), and Clover and Noah were killed by a speeding car. In the distress and confusion that followed, the remaining family were split up, each of them finding themselves on different territories.
Pride fled to the ShadowClan territory, where he was taken in by the clan and soon found friends in Mochapaw and Eaglepaw. The two have been next to inseparable since.


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