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Killer of BloodClan

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Killer of BloodClan

Post by *Smoke* on 05/01/16, 05:14 pm







22 Moons











Mother- ThunderClan

Father- Dead

Sister- Dead

Brother- Dead


Appearance ~Picture~




Appearance ~Long Description~

Killer is a pitch black tom with a usually rigid collection of muscles underneath. He is lean and slightly tall, as he has grown a bit. His length has also become large- from nose to tail tip he is over 16 leaves (1 and 1/2 feet). His legs are masculine and claws are extremely long for a no-breed cat. All over his body is the same color- black. Even his nose and paw pads are the same as his fur, except for a small little area of his body. His tail tip is a burgundy color, making it seem red like blood. His eyes are a piercing yellow, shading depending on his mood.

His X shaped scars have gone- they have left no trace on his chest. He was astounded when one morning he woke up without them. He still has small marks covering from nose-tip to tail-tip but is still considered to be handsome by she-cats. When around strangers and enemies, his good-looking face is arrogant and reclusive, while around friends he has a friendly aura around him.

Persona ~Traits~


Persona ~Long Description~

Ever since a skirmish that BloodClan had with another gang, Killer has been different. He killed innocent and evil lives that day- and the frightening thing is that he felt nothing of it. He just couldn't. After that he's been colder, going off on his own training. He's been drifting from his friends, and he doesn't care if they worry about him or not- it's their choice. He still cares about them though, and will act like his old self just to please them.

He has grown more and more respected by BloodClan, and hopes to one day become leader. He dedicates himself to helping his clan with as much just and level-headedness he can muster. Which can grow to be quite a bit, since he was given the perfect herb to keep his bi-polar problems at bay. His emotions and moods are no longer out of his grasp. He has a leash around them and keeps them folded inside of himself. He often seems merciless and cruel, but he believes in fairness and integrity. He still secretly follows the Warrior Code as much as possible, even after all this time. 

Persona ~Reputation~

Flirty, Geniuosly Smart, Strong, Shameless, Loner, Still Follows Warrior Code, Believes In StarClan, Hates Every Clan -ThunderClan in particular-, Merciless, Cold, Cruel, Once was Crazy

Persona ~Reality~

Very Smart, Strong, StarClan Believer, Prefers Warrior Code In BloodClan, Is Bi-Polar, Very Loyal to Bloodclan, Still Has Traits From His Ex-Clan (ThunderClan), Curious, Heart Is Sometimes In The Right Place, Vengeful, Merciless, Misses Incidence But Is No Longer Hurt From Her Absence, Cold, Once Was Crazy

Persona ~Likes/Dislikes~

+Winning Battles
+A good joke
+Other smart cats
-His late sister
-Travelling herbs
-Enemy cats with dog claws
-Waking early
-His mother
-Lack of true order in BloodClan

Persona ~Mental Disorders~

Bi-Polar (Has Daily Herb To Help)


(Warning; Very Vulgar)

When Snarekit was born, he had two others follow right after him. Huntkit and Treekit. He hated the latter. Hated her with all his might. She was his parent's favorite- the spotlight thief. When they grew up to the age of 6 moons his hate only grew more. Treepaw became the medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan, making the whole clan love her. Snarepaw was only the meager older brother who was said to copy off of her. Huntpaw was just a normal cat- something he was also jealous of.

One night, an attack came. Not from another forest clan, or even a group of loners. But BloodClan. They had busted through the entrance in the middle of the night when Snarepaw was barely 7 moons. His father, Huntpaw, and Snarepaw immediately joined the fight. Treepaw just sat near the leader's den, scared out of her mind. She was shivering, praying to StarClan nothing would happen to her. The rock behind her became splattered with blood- her blood. The one and only Massacre had ran up to her when she was cowering into herself, not truly aware of her surroundings. He had flicked his wrist over her throat and Snarepaw stopped to see the life drain from her eyes. He loved every second of it.

This act, however, confused a fellow ThunderClanner and he was attacked by his own father. Snarling out curse words that best not be repeated, his father recognized who he was and tried to jump off of him. But just as he was about to say 'sorry', the same thing happened to him as Treepaw. 4 long scratches were flicked across his throat and blood poured out in every direction.

Snarepaw smiled cruelly at the now laying and limp body of his father, and he began to fight once more. But no longer was it for ThunderClan- he began attacking his own clanmates. Several died under his paw and was savoring every moment.

When the battle was beginning to diminish and BloodClan began to retreat, as they had had their fill, he followed them to their camp. He was welcomed with open arms by Massacre and was highly respected and liked in BloodClan- he felt as though he was at home, and soon he got a new name; Killer.

A few moons later, on an everyday patrol, he met a new cat from many journeys away. Her name was Cotton, an herb keeper of a sort. They soon grew close- best friends in a matter of only weeks. This was not long before the death of his almost-mate, Incidence. Cotton reminded him of her and promised to himself that he would protect her. Soon enough, Cotton became the BloodClan medicine cat and he didn't need to worry about her as much.

When the opposing gang arose, he had the displeasure of meeting the Rouge when she was barely a kitten. He turned her away from BloodClan, not allowing her to join. He didn't want to ruin such a young and pure life. But, hundreds of lives would be on his paws. Rouge grew up to be merciless and foul, like he had been at her age. He slightly grew out of it, but he still had remnants of himself of that cold and evil Leaffall night- the night he had killed his father.

When the battle of the opposing was only weeks away, he declined from deputy. He had become bi-polar and feared for his own clanmate's lives.  He was an ordinary warrior now, and he loved it. That very night, when he was walking around just relaxing and feeling the duties of a deputy being lifted from his shoulders, he met his brother; Huntpaw. His name had changed though. The Paw That Hunts When The Mountain Does. He had joined to scared group of the Tribe. He was furious- so furious, he had thrown him into the Thunderpath. His brother was smashed by an overly large monster. Splattered with his own blood once again, Killer retreated back to camp.

After the battle he had become different- more pulled away, drifting. He grew taller, longer, and stronger. He also became smarter. He was once again highly respected in his clan.

Persona ~Theme Song~
 Monsters by Matchbook Romance


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Re: Killer of BloodClan

Post by megarin on 05/01/16, 05:23 pm

Wow I forgot how much I loved Killer! You were always so great at developing your characters.
I was always worse at it, so I hope now that we're starting over I'll be able to make my characters better and more 3D like yours.

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Re: Killer of BloodClan

Post by *Smoke* on 05/01/16, 06:42 pm

Ha, yeah 3D. My characters are as flat as a wall. Killer only has so much personality in this because this is from his new bio's, the ones after the Malum when he was elected leader. If no one takes the leader of BloodClan space I may boost him up.


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Re: Killer of BloodClan

Post by Sponsored content

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