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Post by *Smoke* on 07/01/16, 09:18 pm

Riverclan is much more graceful and appreciative of nature's beauty and often collects interesting objects to decorate their dens. But don't let their nice side fool you. In battle they are fierce and sometimes merciless especially in water-combat which they had supposedly come up with. They are the only cats able to swim without being bothered by the aqua and they often use it to their advantage. These cats strongly believe in Starclan and try their best to follow the warrior code. They have a small lake in the middle of their territory always prey-filled with fish but it freezes up during leaf-bare. The fish are still living so all you have to do is figure out how to get them.

High Positions (HP's)

Leader- A cat with nine lives who oversees the clan and leads them in times of peace and trouble:
Deputy- The second in charge of the clan and helps the leader with patrols and hunting parties, a cat who will become leader when the current one passes away:
Medicine Cat- The cat with a special connection to StarClan and heals the sick/injured in their clan:
Medicine Cat Apprentice- A young cat assigned once they are six moons old to train to become the clan's next medicine cat:

Other Positions

Kits- Cats younger than six moons that live in the nursery with their mother as they prepare to be become apprentices:
Apprentices- Cats six moons or older being trained by a warrior to become one:
Warriors- Felines done with their apprentice training who hunt and protect their clan by fighting for it, and also train apprentices to be like them:
Senior Warriors- Older warriors that are wiser and more respected among the clans.
Elders- Cats retired from their duties from the clan because they are too old or unable to hunt, fight, do other various things because their abilities are limited. They are highly respected and unfortunately have the responsibility of burying dead cats after their vigil.
Queens- She-cats expecting or nursing kits.


If any of this is wrong, please reply and say what needs to be fixed. Otherwise, this is up to date :)

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