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Shadeclaw; Warrior of WindClan

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Shadeclaw; Warrior of WindClan

Post by Roo12 on 08/01/16, 03:03 pm

Character Name:


Character Age:
60 moons



Personality: Long Description
Shadeclaw is quite an introverted cat, but he wasn't always. When He was an adolescent in the city, before he came to WindClan, he was quite reckless and often got into trouble with his brother, Zeph, much to the disappointment of their father. This free-spirited nature stayed with him until he and his family journeyed to the clan territories, where Shade's mate and oldest son was killed. Since that moment, he became and grim, introverted tom, rarely speaking and making few friends in the clan. He's never felt like he belongs in WindClan and, while he enjoys living in the countryside, he longs for his old life.
Because of his pessimistic demeanour and the fact that he wasn't born in WindClan, Shadeclaw is pretty unpopular amongst his clanmates. He pulls his weight and completes his warrior duties and is even a skilled tracker, but he finds fun in few things. However, he does enjoy conversing with the few cats that bother with him and deep down wishes he felt like more of a clan member.

Personality: Likes/Dislikes
+The WindClan territory

-Hot days

Appearance: Picture(s)

Appearance: Long Description
Shadeclaw is a fairly large cat, though most of his muscles are covered by his thick, long, grey coat that reaches almost to his paws. His eyes are the same stormy grey as his pelt. His whiskers are long and his paws are large, making him an excellent tracker. In his left ear there is a large notch that impairs his hearing somewhat, but only to the point of making him a less than stellar hunter; he can hear cats that are talking to him just fine.

Social: Gender Preference

Social: Current Crush

Social: Current Mate

Social: Current Family
Daughters: Mistlepaw and Larkpaw
Son: Pridepaw

Social: History
Shade grew up in a community of stray city cats that lived along the banks of the river. He was close to his younger brother, Zeph, who, like Shade himself, was betrothed to a cat for when they came of age, one of the many old-fashioned laws that circulated through their community that the young toms weren’t in favour of. When their grandfather retired, their own dad took his place as head of the community and insisted his sons carry on this tradition when they were full grown.
When the two toms had reached the age of two, Shade’s father Ben had just told him that it was time for him to settle down and raise a family with his betrothal and that soon he would have to take over from him and run the community. Angered by this, Shade ran away from home where he met a she-cat named Clover. Shade found comfort in spending time and talking to Clover. She became his escape from the reality that he so despised back at home. The two young cats inevitably fell in love and Shade, after much dispute with his father and brother, left the much hated community and raised a family with Clover.
Shade and Clover had four kits together, two she-cats (Mistletoe and Lark) and two toms (Noah and Pride). When their kits were around one-moon-old, Clover’s sister, Holly, paid the family a visit after she had been travelling away from the city. Holly told them of clans of wild cats living free out in the countryside. Shade and Clover, in search of a better life for their family and away from the city, left to find the clans and join one. However, it was not to be. As they were drawing near to the territories, their oldest son Noah and Clover herself were killed by a car on the Thunderpath. In the chaos, Shade’s nerve broke and the family were split, all four of the survivors scattered to different territories and to be adopted into different clans.


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