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Alphess Luna of True Ice

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Alphess Luna of True Ice

Post by *Smoke* on 03/02/16, 07:22 pm

Character Name:

Character Age:
18 Moons

The Pack of True Ice


Personality: Long Description
Luna is a wolfette with a powerful, strong aura around her pure white form. It is almost like her blue eyes demand respect and awe from anyone. She is not this way by heritage; she has molded herself into a stone warrior, etched by her recently harsh past.
She is typically kind, and a courageous leader in her pack. But she is fiercely loyal, and will do anything to protect her home. She does not like to be underestimated and will quickly prove wrong such accusations that make her sound weak. It is not something she brushes off, so to speak.
Just as she was when she was a pup, she is still fairly competitive. She enjoys a friendly bicker, a small contest, and such here and there. Though she does not do it often, she is always driven by this one trait. Whether it is hunting or a goal, she will always have a way to do what she needs to do.
Luna is still stubborn, understanding and headstrong. She is patient now, aged by her two moons of being ill. She had been so close to joining her ancestors, but never again. She could wait until her death, of that she was sure. She wants to live, even if it won't be the grandest of her experiences.
She enjoys a bit of fun here and there, but will not seek adventures as she once had. It was what got her into this horrid  position anyhow; away from the wolf she loved, and mates with a brute. Still, she loves a good story, and that includes giving them. She is often found at the nursery with pups surrounding her, wide-eyed as she told her tall-tales to the young ones.
Still, the white wolfette prefers to follow her ancestor's code of honor and valor. She rejects lies, theft, murder, and other horrible things a wolf could do, especially to one another. Though her mate is quite the opposite, she is respected in her clan. All wolves in her pack feel remorse for her, being forced to 'love' a liar, thief and murderer. She had to let go of the only wolf she would ever possibly love, because of Oburoka. And that is why she is discreetly planning on how to rid of him.

Personality: Traits

Personality: Mental Disorders

Personality: Likes/Dislikes
+A Snowy Breeze
+Fresh, Newleaf Rain
+The Cave
-Slipping on Ice
-Cold Water

Appearance: Picture(s)

Appearance: Long Description
Luna is a pure white wolf, her coat reflective of the sun at times. All parts of her fur are covered with the colorless color. When dirty, she has a small tinge of brown mixed into her fur, though it doesn't show unless she's been rolling in the mud that comes for barely a month and a half each year. Everything is white on her body other than the tip of her tail which is a medium lighted gray. Her fur is very thick, due to the cold climate she lives in and it's also very soft, as though she grooms it multiple times a day. No matter what happens, her pelt will always be soft and thick, even if it's a battle, fleas, or just simply losing fur in her olden years.
Her eyes are an oceanic blue that pull you in without you even realizing it until it's too late. She is a beautiful young wolfette and many wolves have their eye on the young female, even though she is mates with Oburoka and still loves Tarlio.
She is slim with lean muscles, giving her a majestic state that enables her to be as graceful as a feline at times. She stands at the normal height for her age, 2'11", and she is of average length, 4 ft. Her tail is slightly long and lets her be highly balanced on her four paws.

Appearance: Scars
On her underbelly are four large scratch parks from when she and Oburoka fought two moons ago, where he had attacked her after she had torn his ear off.

Social: Gender Preference

Social: Current Love

Social: Current Mate

Social: Current Family

Mother: Snow *Deceased*
Father: Hohn *Deceased*
Siblings: -
Mate: Oburoka
Pups: -

Social: Current Offspring

Social: History
Luna was born into the pack of True Ice a bit before average, and so she became a late bloomer in life. Despite this, she fell in love young with a lone wolf named Tarlio. She was certain of her feelings for him, and she still is today. But there was a wolf standing between them; a brute named Oburoka.
Oburoka is a cruel, manipulative wolf. Though Luna trained him before, Tarlio lost the fight with the brute with the prize for the winner to stay in the pack and become mates with Luna. Her heart had been broken, and her lack of interest in food and exercise lead to the white wolfette becoming gravely sick.
She was sick for nearly two moons, having many close calls. She soon grew to be stronger though, and what had surprised her was that Oburoka was always with her. Though she no longer hates the wolf, she still dislikes him. But he had helped her get better, and she can't ignore that. That was what changed her plot to killing him to driving him out so effectively.


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