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WindClan Patrol (Open)

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WindClan Patrol (Open)

Post by Katara93 on 03/02/16, 08:36 pm

Blazeshadow padded out of his den, his whiskers twitching as he looked around. The cold bit his paws and he quickly trotted to a square of sun in the center of camp. He sat down, curling his tail around himself. They would need a WindClan patrol today. ThunderClan had spotted them near the border often lately, and Blazeshadow wanted to make sure they wouldn't try anything.
"Any volunteers for a WindClan patrol?" he called.

OOC: Hey all! This is the new ThunderClan deputy.

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Re: WindClan Patrol (Open)

Post by Roo12 on 05/02/16, 05:54 am

Ooc: Hey Katara! I rp the ThunderClan leader ;3

Hearing the cry of his deputy, Sunstar dragged himself from his den and padded into the clearing. He saw Blazeshadow demanding a patrol and smiled a little. The deputy couldn't be more different from his leader; stern, straight-faced and serious. The ThunderClan leader was a joker and lover of fun, and everyone was shocked when he appointed his polar-opposite as his deputy, but Sunstar knew the tom's skill and strength as a warrior, and never regretted his decision.
He approached Blazeshadow and sat beside him, greeting him. "You want to patrol the WindClan border again? Why's that?"


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Post by Kennedyt21 on 24/03/16, 12:05 pm

Lighfeather sighed and ran across the moor her Wind Clan scent going around everywhere. She sighed and sniffed Thunder Clan scent and said "Yuck". She sighed and patrolled the border looking out for dangers.


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Re: WindClan Patrol (Open)

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