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Honeyspots Bio and Story

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Honeyspots Bio and Story

Post by Thistlestar on 12/02/16, 08:06 pm

Early Year
Grey frost hung on the window as the snow fell down merciless and the winds blew. Many might've not known that Honey was a kitty-pet at that time and was quite happy living there in her early years as a kitten. She had yet to know what lies in the forest. The same day a car had come to pick up the family and Honey was asleep, later on looking for them, she found all of their stuff was gone except her bed and a bowl of food and a note with letters. Although she couldn't read she knew they had left her and left her house. The snow had a thick blanket on the ground and she couldn't feel her paws after a while. At one point, she had curled up to a fir tree and awaited death but the warm jaws of a  bigger cat had taken her in.

Honeyspot thrives in the clan of [I haven't joined a clan yet] and is just happy making friends. She suspects she'll find the perfect mate someday to pay attention to her then raise her own kits. She has a talent for being great with kits.

Hi everyone, i'm not sure if you are as friendly as I am but obviously am friendly! My name is Honeyspot and I really like meeting new people. So here is a little about my character!

Name: Honeyspot
Age: 8 Moons
Gender: She-Cat
Mate: None
Kits: None

Character Looks Description:
- Fluffy yellow tabby coat
- White stripes
- Blue eyes
- Black paws
- Black tipped tail

- Tree Climbing
- Running
- Swimming

- Bubbly
- Friendly
- Kind
- Open to new friends
- Welcoming

I hope to see you all in RP!

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