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Ryenose - WindClan Deputy (hopefully)

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Ryenose - WindClan Deputy (hopefully)

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 12/02/16, 09:44 pm




Clan & Rank
WindClan Deputy

Ryenose is a light gray she-cat, with a thick pelt and a lighter gray patch of fur on her chest and at the tip of her tail. She has short white whiskers, and a large dark gray nose. She has large fangs, the one on the right chipped. She has a long tail that's a stump at the end, from an accident with a fallen tree. She's short with small legs and paws, and she's lithe in figure.

She's lively and usually hyperactive. She's generally a cheerful cat, with an optimistic world view. Although despite that, she can get easily angered and stubbornly goes after what she needs to get it done. Passionate and determined, she tries to right what is wrong even if the risk is high. She lacks patience, but has the courage to do what is needed when it's needed.

Likes & Dislikes
+Storms & rain
+Fighting & sparring
-Hot days
-The color yellow
-Cats that don't have a sense of humor

One thing I need help with. I'm not really very good at character histories, I prefer to start them and create a history from there. What do you recommend putting as my history?

None at the moment.

None at the moment.

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Re: Ryenose - WindClan Deputy (hopefully)

Post by *Smoke* on 12/02/16, 10:40 pm

Hey Firefly! Nice to see some characters out of you lol.
This is a very nice bio and but I can't  accept it but I wanted to help you with the 'history' part right now XD
Pasts are never one-dimensional.
Take a look at your cat's personality. Look at every trait and ask yourself 'how did they become like that?' If you have trouble answering that, think of someone with a similar personality. Know a friend with an optimistic view of the world? What happened to them that made them think like that?
I will write about a friend who has a happy view of the world most of the time and describe what happened to her, without using names of course.
My friend was an only child, growing up in a well off home. She got into horses at a young age, and the horse trainer would soon become like a second mother to her. That horse trainer's sanity slowly webbed away through the years and by the time the girl was 14, the trainer was practically unstable. She was a heavy drunk, bi-polar, and half-assed everything she worked at. She also caused a lot of drama. My friend got a horse; this meant the world to her. But the trainer chose the wrong horse. They did not get along at all, and my friend ended up being asked to leave the competition she was in because the pair of her and her horse were dangerous to themselves and those in the arena. The horse went to its original owner, the trainer was fired, and the girl was in a mental break down. Everything went from happy, to up side down. Later on, she broke a bone in her back when her horse (not the same one, one provided by the barn she rides at) reared because he was sore and stepped on her stomach when she was on the ground. She was taken in an ambulance and couldn't compete the rest of the competition season. But she felt more driven to get back in the saddle and worked for everything she had ever lost. Eventually, she got a new horse. This was a horse practically designed for her because the new horse trainer had trained it since it was a yearling. They get along perfectly well and the horse is the center of her world. Without that horse, she'd be back in ruins.
That, is a good history there. My friend is optimistic because through hard work and never giving up, life has thrown some punches at her but always helped her back up. Focus on the stories around you; not what you make up in your head. Eventually, it will be easier and easier to do that. But for now, taking from the world you know isn't a bad idea :)

On to why this isn't accepted; its my fault, I forgot to update the clans, but the deputy spot is already taken by Storm's cat Shadeclaw. Sorry about that! :)


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