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Stormcloud- warrior of Riverclan

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Stormcloud- warrior of Riverclan

Post by Kitty on 14/02/16, 05:24 pm

Character name: Stormcloud

Nickname: Storm

Character age: 14 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: Riverclan

Rank: Warrior

Personality: (Long Description) Storm is an adventurous always active cat. Storm is stubborn and short -tempered. She is very tom-boyish, and often mistakes people because of her girly appearance. The she-cat is very strong and fierce for her age and size.  She is very mysterious at times and can disappear randomly to be alone.

Appearance: (Long Description) Storm is a gorgeous and elegant looking cat. She has long, silky fur and has a long fluffy tail. The she-cat has a grey and white colored coat, with a white chest, white socks, and a white tail tip, while everything else is light grey. She is thin and very strong, as her muscles are not so obvious with her long fur. She has bright, pale, turquoise colored eyes.

Mental Disabilities: N/A

Likes/Dislikes: Storm likes anything remotely athletic. She loves competition and adventure. The she-cat also cherishes her alone time.

Stormcloud, ironically, hates stormy/ rainy days. She dislikes kits and very talkative cats usually.

Current mate: N/A

Current crush: Sagevine

Offspring: N/A

Family: Her mother and father died.


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