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Lengthened Days - RiverClan Leafbare/Newleaf Ceremonies

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Lengthened Days - RiverClan Leafbare/Newleaf Ceremonies

Post by *Smoke* on 16/02/16, 10:07 am

Lengthened Days
RiverClan Leafbare and Newleaf Ceremonies

The large tom padded through the camp. The snow was starting to melt in RiverClan, leading to the creeks and the lagoons' water level to rise. Prey was becoming more and more plentiful. But it was not an overnight process. RiverClan would have to use a moon or two in order to get their strength from last Greenleaf back. Though the tom was a new leader, as the other leaders were as well, he felt as though he knew exactly what to do in his situation. The clan needed hope; it would boost their confidence and pride. And what better hope than ceremonies?
Wolfstar swaggered over to the large rock where he made clan announcements. He had only been up there once to address the clan; to give his plans as leader. He easily climbed up the large rock and sat in his place at the top. He was proud of his clan, and he wanted them to be successful. So success he would give them. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather below the Night Boulder for a clan meeting!" His voice easily boomed over the camp. It was time for the ceremonies that were due.

Formats for Ceremonies
Please fill them out appropriately.


Kit to Apprentice
Kit's Name:
Mentor Wanted:
Mentor's Mentor:
Mentor's Two Characteristics:

The kit MUST have a mentor, but the mentor's mentor does not have to be a real cat.


Apprentice to Warrior
Apprentice's Name:
Mentor's Name:
Warrior Name:
Traits from Apprenticeship:

Warrior name is optional. Wolfstar can choose the name, or the member that owns the cat may choose it.


Name Change
Cat's Name:
New Name:
Reasons for Changing Name:

New name is optional. Wolfstar can choose the name, or the member that owns the cat may choose it. But there MUST be a reason.


Warrior to Elder
Cat's Name:
Reason for Retiring:


Can't figure out good traits to be said by Wolfstar for the mentor chosen to train an apprentice?
Go to this link, it may help:


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