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Graywind ~+~ Warrior of WindClan Previously ThunderClan

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Graywind ~+~ Warrior of WindClan Previously ThunderClan

Post by Static Electricity on 04/03/16, 05:12 pm


Age: 42 Moons

Rank: Warrior

Clan: ThunderClan Malum WindClan

Family: Mother: Nightpelt
Father: Mossstorm
Sister(s): Birdsong, Rainpaw, Treepaw
Brother(s): Huntpaw/Mount, Killer
Son: Perseus

Friends: Open

Enemies: Open

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Appearance (Picture):

Appearance (Long Description): Graywind is a multi-colored tom. He is covered with dark brown stripes that are almost black, and a lighter undercoat giving him a similar appearance to a tiger. He has white in common, but various areas. A bit of his chest area, muzzle, ear fuzz and whiskers are the pure color. The stripes are seemingly placed close together on his form, creating a constant zig-zag-like pattern. He is a lean tom, having stone muscles underneath his black skin. His tail is of normal length, as are his neck and claws. He is slightly tall with spanned out legs, quite the opposite of his sister. His eyes are the oddest grey, coming from an unknown source. His kin believe it was form a recessive gene, or slight pigments of being albino.

Personality (Long Description): Graywind was once a trouble tom who cared for no one. But going back even farther, he was a happy kit. Now, he is at peace with himself, and gives off an aura of nonchalance. He is kind and quiet, reverting to jokes every once in a while. He cares deeply for kits as well as all cats in need of help. He is anxious to help others, and takes his responsibilities seriously. He is afraid to love however, as he hurt those that did once upon a time.

Personality Traits: Kind, quiet, funny, peaceful, responsible, smart, protective, cunning, brave, quick.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes quiet, jokes, walks, hunting, WindClan, StarClan, kits, and small discussions. He dislikes ThunderClan, his past, anger, the city, the Malum.

Mental Disabilities: None.

Scars: Just small and various.

History: Graywind has had a difficult past. He grew up a wonderfully happy kit in ThunderClan, born with the name Snakekit for his pelt. Soon after he became Snakepaw, he did not feel loved or appreciated. He decided to check out the rising
Malum, a group he knew hated the clans. At the time, he hated what was around him and did not believe in StarClan. The leader of the Malum accepted him and he fought for them in the great battle. When they were defeated, he begrudgingly rejoined ThunderClan. His clanmates did not receive him well, and he still hated his surroundings. However, after socializing quite a bit with WindClanners, Graywind made the decision to join their clan and he was renamed. He slowly received peace and his faith in StarClan came back. It has been many moons and while he regrets what he did, he is still young and wants to live life by the Warrior Code.


Thank you Smoke for letting me have him back now that I'm not in-active lol.
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