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Sandflower of Thunderclan |FAMILY FOR ADOPTION|

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Sandflower of Thunderclan |FAMILY FOR ADOPTION|

Post by Silver on 06/05/16, 09:57 am

Name: Sandflower
She-cat/23 Moons

Appearance: Sandflower is a cream-white she-cat with a bright sandy yellow tail and face, as well as a patch on her back, between her shoulders and bright green eyes.

Personality: Sandflower is a caring she-cat, she'll always be by her kit's side and is always protective over them. She's very loyal to the clan and will protect the clan with her life. Although Sandflower is kind and caring, she's fierce and brave in battle.

Skills: Fighting8/10|Hunting7/10|Swimming1/10|Climbing6/10|Running5/10|Logic6/10

Family: Mother:Shiningstem|Father:Scorchfur (Both Deceased)
Sister:Appletail(Open to create/adopt)
Mate:Kestrelshade(Open to create/adopt)
Kits: Leafkit(tom) and Poppykit(she-kit) *Both open to adopt

Sandflower was born to Shiningstem and Scorchfur, two Thunderclan cats alongside her sister, Appletail. She and Appletail grew up normal as any kit would and by the time they turned apprentices, their mother died in a fox attack. They were deeply saddened and couldn't work very well in their training. Finally, they became warriors, but they're father died of greencough the next leaf-bare. Sandflower seemed to always be down and sad all the time because of this, until she met Kestrelshade who became her best friend. They both soon fell in love and became mates, now having two kits named Leafkit and Poppykit.

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