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Gin of LifeClan

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Gin of LifeClan

Post by Roo12 on 27/05/16, 01:46 pm

Character Name:

110 moons





All other clans



Appearance (Picture):

Appearance (Long Description):
Gin is a modern siamese cat, so his build is large, thin and angular. He is particularly tall and fairly muscular, with a hard face and piercing blue eyes. Movements are extremely graceful and authoritative, as if every contraction of every muscle is a calculated move. He has a long, curly tail like a snake, and very long claws.

Personality (Long Description):
Gin is a born leader, though not really in a good way. He knows how to obtain unshakable loyalty from all cats around him and revels in building soldiers from any cat. He is a warlord, always seeking to test his limits and prove his power to everybody. The only cats he holds any respect for is his kit-hood friend, Kage, and his Leader Sabine, who's skill and ideals he values to much to try to overthrow her. All others are nothing but toy soldiers to him, weapons at his disposal.
His false charisma he is able to conjure up allows him to obtain high positions of power and enchant other cats to do his bidding. This persona is entirely fabricated. The true Gin has only ever been seen by Kage, and it is a cat of pure greed and brutality and wrath, devoid of empathy or real kindness.

Mental Disabilities:

None, surprisingly.

Gin was abandoned by his parents when he was very young and raised in a community of street cats in a city in Japan. Growing up, he always felt different from the other kits and felt he was destined for more. He never had any friends and bullied the other kits in very devilish and manipulative ways for his age, always cautious to avoid detection from the adults.
Then he met Akachan, a cat about one moon younger than him and even more detached from society than Gin. He started off trying to manipulate the tom like he did with other kits, but Kage was different. He wouldn't fall for any of Gin's tricks and ignored him just as much as he would any other cat. This intrigued Gin, and soon the two became genuine friends.
Gin started to train his friend in the art of combat of their culture, an art he had trained in all his life and was practically a master by the time he was a teenager. The two became the community's most skilled warriors, and in celebration of the completion of Akachan's training, Gin awarded him with his new name, Kage.
But Gin and Kage had their differences. Gin was incredibly ambitious and insisted on working his way through the ranks of the community until he became leader. To achieve this, he had to murder the old leader, and hide it from the rest of the clan. This was a turning point in Gin's life and the true moment he changed from the cat he was before, with the tiniest hint of empathy and kindness, to a ruthless killer. This change was only noticed by Kage, who also didn't know what Gin had done to obtain power, but he never said anything.
Once Gin had the clan's full loyalty, his first act was to abolish a neighbouring clan to obtain their land. He made it a habit of rarely doing any of the dirty work himself, and instead gave the mission to Kage. However, during the raid, his friend separated from the rest of the squad and pursued the rival clans leader out of the city via a train track. When he did not return, Gin led a patrol out after him. Despite his truly cold nature, Gin always cared about his friend and became increasingly concerned for his well-being.
When the patrol found Kage, they saw that he had lost his front leg to a train and were about to carry him home to be treated when a Twoleg came across the and took Kage back to his house. Gin tracked the house down alone after several weeks and eventually found Kage fitted with a prosthetic leg. This event was another turning point for Gin. While he retained his sociopathic personality, in his heart he always carried the guilt of being responsible for crippling his friend.
Gin managed to bring Kage home and the two continued to rule over the city, Kage's rehabilitation being managed entirely by his friend. After years of ruling and expanding his empire in the city, Gin felt unsatisfied with remaining in the same city. Leaving the enormous clan in the care of some of his finest warriors, Gin left Japan with Kage and a group of twenty warriors on a ship and sailed until they reached the country of the four clans.
There, they headed to the city and came across Sabine. Gin soon became fascinated with Sabine and joined her army, his lust for power matching hers.

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Re: Gin of LifeClan

Post by *Smoke* on 02/06/16, 06:34 pm

Accepted :)


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