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I need your guys' help :3

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I need your guys' help :3

Post by Roo12 on 01/06/16, 05:15 am

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading ;3
So I know the site-wide plot has been getting off to a bit of a slow start recently and I want to change that. But, in order to do so, I'm going to need your help in filling up a few character slots.

The first and most important one is LifeClan. We need more villains!!xD If you don't know, LifeClan is Sabine's army of cats who seek to overthrow the Clans. At the moment, we only have a couple of characters joining LifeClan, but we're gonna need a few more so that LifeClan becomes a formidable force and a genuine threat to the clans.

High Positions
The other one is the various hp spots that could do with filling up. The most important one is the BloodClan leader spot which we need as BloodClan will join the four main clans when Sabine rises. The other is the ThunderClan Medicine Cat, also very important seeing as a war is about to break out.
If you already have an HP, please don't hesitate to make another. These also don't need to be your primary character, they just need to exist to be used when they're needed. Also, I'm willing to be much more forgiving with the quality of these character forms and I won't demand you very best work. Just so long as they're half decent ;3

Thanks for sticking with us everyone!



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