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Bloodclan Guide!

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Bloodclan Guide!

Post by Mini~ on 30/04/13, 11:02 pm

Bloodclan is full of ex-rouges and highly dangerous cats. They live in a large alleyway in the Twolegplace and hunt in kittypet's gardens as well as look for Twoleg food. They typically lust for blood and battle but when not faced with a threat they are relatively calm and try to support themselves the best they can. They act more like a clan than in the books but do not believe in Starclan, not including a few exceptions. Cross with them and you'll get the fight of your life. And lose.

HP- High Positions
Leader~ A Cat With 9 Lives Who Oversee The Clan & Lead Them In Times Of Peace & Trouble
Not Taken
Deputy~ The 2nd In Charge Of The Clan & Helps The Leader, & Will Become Leader When The Leader Passes Away
Morrigan- The Trickster (inactive)
Medicine Cat~ The Cat With A Special Connection To Starclan & Heals The Sick/Injured In Their Clan
Cotton- megarin (inactive)
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ A Young Cat In Training To Become A Medicine Cat
Not Taken

Other Positions In The Clan
Kits~ Cats Younger Than 6 Moons Old & Preparing To Become An Apprentice
Apprentices~ A Cat 6+ Moons Training To Become a Warrior
Warriors~ The Strength Of A Clan That Protects It At All Costs
Senior Warriors~ Older Warriors That Are Wise & Highly Respected
Queens~ She-cats Expecting Or Nursing Kits

---Bloodclan Rarely Has Elders---

Thank you *Smoke* for the guide!

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