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What, what! -private, Portal and Mini-

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What, what! -private, Portal and Mini-

Post by Mini~ on 25/06/13, 07:48 pm

Training again.  She had to do it, had to be the best she could.  It was her purpose, the whole reason she was born.  She had to protect her mistress, so she had to be able to fight anything.

Nameless gazed up at the castle, darted forward; hooking a paw onto a small ledge and twisting herself up.  Her paws landed on the edges of a window quietly and she started again; jumping up to another ledge and pulling herself to a higher window-seal.  Alright, now across.  The smokey she-cat took a running start, launching herself off the ledge of the high window; flipping forward for momentum and landing on the window across.  

She looked down, unfazed by the height she was at.  She had done this many times, all to keep her skills honed.  Of course, she had other training; but this was likely her favorite.  The nameless guard settled on the ledge of the window, tucking her paws under her chest.

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Re: What, what! -private, Portal and Mini-

Post by NecroFancy on 25/06/13, 07:51 pm

Galaxy stormed out off the castle looking like he would kill someone but couldn't find a good enough target. He started climbing one of the walls in the valley the castle sat in and put all his anger into his stamina.

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