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Dance f**** dance [Sorrels Character Gallery] wip

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Dance f**** dance [Sorrels Character Gallery] wip

Post by Guest on 27/06/13, 09:26 pm

Name|| Gender|| Mate|| Crush|| Short appearance|| Rank || Bio || Status

Risestar|| Male|| No mate|| No crush|| Large long haired brown maine coon with blue-green eyes|| Leader |||| Injured

Crystallinepaw|| Male|| None|| None|| A small blue point tom with short fur and dark blue eyes|| Apprentice || || Alive

Carribean|| She-cat|| None|| None|| An average sized bengal cat with forest green eyes|| Warrior || || Alive

Burntmemories|| She-cat|| No mate|| No crush|| A short furred red and white with amber-hazel eyes|| Deputy || || Dead

Soulzero|| She-cat|| None|| None|| Short furred calico she-cat with light green eyes with body covered in scars, right ear completely torn|| Deputy || || Alive

Raincheck|| Male|| None|| None|| Short furred chocolate tom with yellow eyes, medium build|| Warrior || || Alive

Oakleaf|| She-cat|| None|| None|| A medium build abyssinian with light green eyes|| Warrior || || Alive


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