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Pack of True Ice Landmarks

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Pack of True Ice Landmarks

Post by Guest on 04/07/13, 03:36 am

Snow cave

This cave made out of snow and ice lasts all year round as its below sea level and stays cool the entire year. Even though it may look like its melting, it will stay the same for a while. This den is only used for courtship and raising pups.

Unfreezing River

A very large river runs through the territory of the pack. But unlike most rivers, even though it looks calm, it has strong currents underneath its surface, which keeps it from unfreezing all year round. Occasionally, salmon can be found swimming through the river, but this rarely happens thanks to the cold through the year. A good thing this river doesn't freeze over in the winter or the pack wouldn't have any other water source.

Pond of Disaster

Deep within the Pack of True Ice's territory a pond remains frozen. But when spring and summer comes it melts and becomes a nice dipping spot to get out of the heat. However, during the winter, young wolves decide to play on it, not realizing the very thin ice that covers the top of the water. They quickly fall in and usually can't find their way back up, drowning. So pack members beware!

Seaside cliffs

Near the edge of the territory lie snow covered cliffs. You know you are going in the right direction when suddenly you see nothing but a snow field in front of you with no trees. During the spring, that place is no longer baron, but instead covered with lush fields of grass and flowers. The fields are a popular grazing spots for prey animals, while the cliffs are popular nesting spots for birds.


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