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I'm Bored. So Meet Violet!

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I'm Bored. So Meet Violet!

Post by megarin on 20/07/13, 10:48 pm

Hello, New Era! :3
I'm extremely bored right now. So I thought I would finally introduce y'all to my ultimate favorite character for anything ever, Violet.
Whether you call Violet a character, OC, scalesona, or even an imaginary friend, it doesn't matter as long as Violet is still Violet. <3
Me and Violet have known each other for two years now. I was introduced to them when I got bored and started using my imagination.
So now I'll describe Violet to you all.
Violet is an American Crocodile mutation. And Violet is a guy.
At a young age he always stuck out.
He has a wall-eyed stare, so his eyes don't match up. And both of them are purple. His left eye is his good eye but his right one just likes to explore all over the place. Sometimes if he tries really, really hard his right eye will go where he wants it to. But it doesn't like to listen.
He always wears a purple tail brace. No one knows if he has a permanently broken tail or if it's just plain out missing. He loves his tail brace and it has modifications so it is strong and flexible. He can even hang from trees with it.
He's got a purple mo-hawk but often wears masks to hide it. He wears all different kinds of masks but they are usually purple. Or green. Or purple and green. And sometimes with feathers.
Anyways he's very small. So imagine a tiny American Crocodile with crossed purple eyes, a purple mo-hawk, and a purple tail brace. Then add in the factor that he is a male. Then consider imagining him in chibi form. :3
Why, yes.
He is possibly the worst and strangest character ever.
And I love him.
And yes.
That is him in my siggy.
And that is what his world is.
I always love when others make me art of him or want to chat about him. Or even with him.
So since I'm really bored I decided to share him here. :D
If anyone wants tell me what you think of him.
Thank you.
Now I shall continue being bored.

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Re: I'm Bored. So Meet Violet!

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 21/02/14, 06:12 am

Well, he's very odd. But neat! What's funny is my BFFAL (Best Friend Forevers And Lifetimes) made up a cat named Violet.

What's funny is she made up her first cat named Darkshadow and the first one I made was named Shadowclaw. I might post in the Basket about Shadowclaw. She's epic!

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