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Dementia - Blood Clan Deputy Try-out

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Dementia - Blood Clan Deputy Try-out

Post by Guest on 28/07/13, 02:01 am

Character name: Dementia

Nickname:N/A (name given at birth was Whiskers)

Character age:Little over a year.

Gender: Male

Clan/Tribe: Blood Clan

Rank: Deputy

Personality:Dementia earned his name from the way he behaves - insane. His tendency to talk to walls and vicious outbreaks make other cats keep their distance. He is quiet, sometimes going days without speaking to another cat. He hardly ever eats, and when he does he seems to lash out for no reason and never finishes his meal. Another one of his strange habits are his sleeping patterns. He never seems to sleep. Whenever he does he isn't seen doing so - which makes sense for at times he can disappear for an entire day. Queens tell their kits of Dementia, and that he never sleeps, and eats up naughty kits. Actually, this legend is twisted in its own way; Dementia loves kits. He's always had a soft spot for them, but of course, never shows it. Some say he was born without emotion. Others say he's just misunderstood. But despite the cause of his quiet life and violent outbreaks, there is some sort of attraction other cats feel to him. This brings him great status in the Clan, and his disturbed behaviors make him an excellent example of a deputy fitting for Blood Clan.

Appearance: An American short hair, Dementia was the runt of his litter. His small frame really stands out due to his lack of eating. However, though he does so in private, Dementia is constantly training, and uses his small size to his advantage. Despite his mental state, he is a quick thinker, and very smart. He has taught himself how to fight with his own techniques that are unusual and almost unconventional, but they work, and make him one of the strongest fighters in Blood Clan, though he doesn't look it. His pelt is tortoise shell patterned, with black and grey colouring. Except his front-left paw, he has white socks that run up just above his paws on his three remaining legs. The tips of his ears and his chest are speckled white. A white spot resembling an upside-down star sits in between is nose and forehead, surrounded by white speckles. Two white dots at each end of his jaw that meet with the corners of his lips give the eerie illusion that he is always smiling. His eyes are bright gold, and shine yellow in the dark. They stand out to his dark colouring, giving him a menacing look under the moonlight. His dark pelt also allows him to blend in the shadows well.

Mental Disabilities:Dementia is plagued with what can be best described as "kitty schizophrenia." These disturbing voices that he hears are actually the voices of the late cats in the Dark Forest but of course, Dementia doesn't know that. He can communicate with the cats in The Dark Forest much like how a medicine cat can speak to Star Clan. But, since Blood Clan doesn't believe in such things, he only hears and sees them as strange, evil cats that compel him to do horrible things. The upside-down star on his face is a mark of his abilities to speak with these dark cats beyond death.

Likes/Dislikes:While little is known about Dementia, he makes a point to make his likes and dislikes clear. He is absolutely terrified of thunder and open flames. Whenever he is confronted by either, he runs and hides as quickly as he can, and can often be heard from far away because of the ear piercing shriek he lets out. Dementia cannot stand eating fresh killed prey. He will only eat once his meal has been dried and mutilated to his liking. Dementia loves kits. He loves to watch them play, and longs for their innocence and joy. While he would love to play with them, his reputation drives away his only light of happiness.

Current mate: N/A

Current crush: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Family: N/A


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Re: Dementia - Blood Clan Deputy Try-out

Post by megarin on 28/07/13, 10:00 am

Since this is a High Position cat you cannot RP him until Mini, the site's Admin, accepts him.
If you ever make a normal ranked cat you can immediately start RPing them.

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Re: Dementia - Blood Clan Deputy Try-out

Post by Guest on 28/07/13, 07:24 pm

yeah i figured

ill just wait till she sees it



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Re: Dementia - Blood Clan Deputy Try-out

Post by Sponsored content

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