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Ally - The Rebellion

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Ally - The Rebellion

Post by Kitty on 15/09/13, 02:20 pm

Character name: Whirlpaw Ally

Nickname: Ally

Character age: 12 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: The Rebellion

Rank: ?

Personality: (Long Description) Ally used to be grumpy and mean all the time , but sense she ran away her mood has changed. Ally is quit a nice cat now. She is a sweet cat, that is always happy to help. She is not thoroughly soft though. If she is attacked you better run away unless you want to be more than a molecule in the air.

Appearance: (Long Description) Ally has a beautiful grey and white coat. She has a bit longer fur now that she is older. Ally has medium-length legs and a long tail. She has bright teal eyes. Ally has long claws and is very muscular.

Mental Disabilities: N/A


+ Rain
+ Leaving the clan
+ fighting

- Clans
- Bumblestar
- anycat in the clans except for Stripes

Current mate: N/A

Current crush: Jay

Offspring: N/A



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