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Robinswing - Shadowclan

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Robinswing - Shadowclan

Post by Kitty on 14/10/13, 12:13 pm

Character name:Robinwing


Character age: 22 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: Shadowclan


Personality: (Long Description) Robin has different sides of her like most cats, some you may want to see, some you may not. She is almost always helping in all sorts of ways hunting, playing with the kits, helping the elders, giving apprentices training tips, etc. Robin is kind and gentle, she is sweet to everyone no matter what they say or do. She is also very clever an sneaky, she is quick to thought and ideas.
It takes Robin a long time to get angry, unless your attacking her or her clan. She is usually respectful and obedient, unless it is something insane like being told to kill somebody.

Appearance: (Long Description) Robin is a very pretty russet tabby. She is short-furred and has a short tail and whiskers. Robin has a tan nose and paw pads and blue and brown eyes. She  has black lines down her russet fur and her tail is completely russet. Robin has long claws and teeth and she is somewhat muscular.
She has pointy ears with large fur sticking on the tips of her ears. On her stomach her fur is all mixed up in a whirl and looks wierd, same on her muzzle.

Mental Disabilities:

+ Helping
+ Kits
+ Nature
+ Starclan
+ Rain
- not helping or being useful
- mean cats
- Humans
- Dark Forest
- Hot days

Current mate:Wants one

Current crush: Not Yet




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