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Black Birds {{ Morrigan Deputy of Bloodclan }}

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Black Birds {{ Morrigan Deputy of Bloodclan }}

Post by tricky on 25/10/13, 12:21 am

Character name: Morrigan

Nickname: Death, Reaper, Little M, Crow, Black Bird, Black Birdie,

Character age: 26 moons

Gender: she-cat

Clan/Tribe: Bloodclan

Rank: Deputy? If not, Warrior

Personality: Morrigan is a spitting image of her mother in both looks and personality. She inherited the smart-mouth attitude and cold yet playful behavior. This she-cats likes to get inside your head and twist your own words around to get what she wants. Morrigan doesn't like opening up to other cats, and if she does consider yourself...Special because she doesn't trust all that much.

Appearance: Morrigan got her silky ebony fur from her mother, but its medium length came from who knows where. She has piercing pale green eyes, almost the color of mint with darker flecks mixed in. Her long legs and slim build make it rather easy to catch her prey but her pelt sticks out like a sore thumb in the day-light making it rather hard to sneak around without the help of her friends, her shadows. This she-cats claws are long and the color of ivory that seem to be stained with crimson blood every now and then from her fun

Mental Disabilities: She's known to space off and a little mentally unstable at times for her gruesome kills.

Likes: Crows, ravens, blood, fighting, shadows, wet grass, springtime

Dislikes: Sunny days, peace, wintertime, dead grass, birds, bossy cats, people who tell her what to do, people who underestimate her

Current mate: n/a

Current crush: n/a

Offspring: n/a

Family: Mother= Reaper {a cat I rp on a different website and going to rp with here} Father= unknown Siblings= unknown


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Re: Black Birds {{ Morrigan Deputy of Bloodclan }}

Post by *Smoke* on 25/10/13, 03:24 pm

Accepted as BloodClan deputy! :3


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