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Friend problems and loneliness

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Friend problems and loneliness

Post by Kitty on 15/11/13, 07:54 pm

Sup New Era, Its Kit here!

Ok, so my friend and I go to the same youth group and there was this thing going on tonight that several churches went to. There was a pro hockey game, you get pizza, go to trampoline parks et cetera. I REALLY wanted to go because it starts at 11 and ends at 3 am!!! I asked my mom and she said, well see who's going, I found at my friends and, of course her friends( the peeps that are jealous cause I'm my friends BFF ) are going. So I tell my mom and she said " I don't think you should go, you'd be just a tag along with your friend, since her other friends are going too." so now I'm bored, lonely, sad, and angry. The problem is my friend doesn't know that her other friends HATE me, if I told her what my mom says she'd be like " Oh no! We couldn't hung out together and blah blah blah!" but none of that would ever had been true.


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