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Pack Guide

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Pack Guide

Post by *Smoke* on 16/11/13, 10:01 am

The Pack's Guide
The Pack doesn't really have a name, though they know what to call themselves if they have to. Pack Lupa. Pack 'Wolf', in translation. They all are half-wolf, half-human. They almost always are in their wolf form, and live deep in the woods of Washington State. They weren't very happy when Twilight came out, and fangirls of the books and movies ran into the forest, trying to find something like them. So they moved in deeper because of the series. The pack that was in the Twilight movies, has now relocated thankfully. There was tension between the two. Pack Lupa didn't like human interaction while the other pack practically fed off of it.
They are strong and hardheaded, not easily swaying their opinions. They are fierce in battle, but almost never need to be in a battle since the other pack left, and that means calm and happy aura around everyone. They live in a large camp, with all sorts of things. They even have a den where they keep their human form things. They are very orderly, and are very tough to crack.
Alpha: This wolf is almost always male, being passed down to whoever is fit worthy and not by bloodline. They have respect from the pack and give orders to their pack as well, though most of the time they check and see if things are moving smoothly. One oath you must take when you become the Alpha, is to never, ever, return to your human form. Once you're a wolf after you take the oath, you can never see your human form again.
Scouts: These are wolves that tour the area, making sure their pack is safe. There are only 4 of them, for each direction (North, West, South & East). They only lead the scout pack each time, for they are very experienced, much more so then other wolves. They must take an oath to where they can only turn into their human form on the Full Moon and 2 other times a month.
Other Ranks
Normal Wolf: It's just what you would expect- a normal wolf. They have passed their training upon reaching the age of 20 years, but they have no need for a title because they are the members of the pack anyhow. They are not called warriors, or fighters, or soldiers for they can be whatever they like as long as it is in the pack's best interest.
Adolescents: This rank is only for the young wolves when they turn into their teenage years. At this point they are old enough to participate in a hunt, or they are ordered to just watch the hunt and learn from there. They are usually trained by a Soldier unless a higher rank decides to take one of them under their wing.
Pup's: They are the new members of the pack and are protected with the packs lives. Every member takes taking care of pups very seriously as they don't want any of them getting injured.

Elder's: Its what you expect from the name, they are old wolves who can no longer provide from themselves. If they did very well in the days where they could help the pack, they are rewarded with care and respect and are given food that is often caught everyday. If not, then they are usually shunned and put into the omega rank.
Pack Members
Alpha~ Rick, pure black wolf, brown eyes, wise, kind, 43 years old
Taylor~ Alpha's Wife/Mate, Silver-ish and brown coat with dark green eyes, nurturing, tactical, 40 years old
Jess~ West Scout, brown and black fur with light yellow eyes, smart, funny, 34 yeas old
Jack~ North Scout, white, black and little bit of brown on his fur and green eyes, serious, smart, 30 years old
Pansy~ East Scout, black wolf with a bit of tinged brown and a white spot on chest and yellow eyes, friendly, goofy, 30 years old
Josh~ South Scout,  brown and black fur with yellow eyes, sarcastic, fierce, 29 years old


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