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New Fan-Fiction :3 ©

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New Fan-Fiction :3 ©

Post by *Smoke* on 09/01/14, 08:58 pm


Long ago, when the clans were still new, there is a piece of history no feline knows today; exactly what their ancestors wanted. They didn't want them to know about the antics StarClan did, the false hysteria, and especially not about the forbidden prophecy.

Hello guys! If you're reading this, than yay! I'll be uploading this to soon, and I'll post a link here eventually when it's official. It's basically to keep my mind occupied during school, cause recently I've been finding myself with too much time on my hands during it, but nothing to do. The library is closed during my study hall, I can't find out the internet password on my kindle to the school's network, and it's just... boring.
So on with it then!
Hope you enjoy the beginnings of this story :3



As the wise leader gazed up at the stars, knowing that his clan would soon be waking up. ThunderClan, the home of the fierce and brave. Named after the previous leader, in fact. Thunderstar, after Lightningtail had died, had appointed Owleyes to be his deputy. That was who was gazing up at his ancestors at this moment.
All of the clans were in the middle of prosperous times, with bountiful prey, new kits, and no skirmishes as of late. The 5 clans had all decided to have gatherings at the full moon and each one had slid by without a problem, as Owlstar was much thankful to StarClan for.
The grey tom's head turned as he heard paw-steps coming up from behind him, and spied Cloudspots, the current medicine cat of his clan. He dipped his head in greeting before standing up and turning around on the hard, lukewarm dirt.
"Hello Cloudspots, what are you doing up at this time?" He mewed to the tom.
The black cat seemed to hesitate before he spoke his words, "I received a dream from StarClan, Owlstar."
"And what was it?" Owlstar replied with keen curiosity in his mewled voice.
"It.... it was a prophecy," He answered, not fully but partially.
"Well then, I suppose we should go to my den for privacy," The leader said immediately, as this was the first prophecy that he had ever seen so far. Cloudspots nodded his head, but did not voice his words.
Together, they walked into the moss covered den and sat on opposite sides of the small sandy cave, facing one another.
"You seem worried, Cloudspots. Was the prophecy bad?" Owlstar mewed.
"Yes, I believe it was," At this, the leader's nerves grew cautious.
"What did StarClan say?" Their eyes met, Owlstar's amber orbs with Cloudspots' blue ones.
"I think the prophecy means... that all of the clans will end."


¢нαρтєя σηє

As the young she-cat glanced around outside of the apprentice's den nervously, she scanned the area in front of her. There was grass all around the camp, except inside the dens and in the spot where they've been putting the fresh-kill pile. The grass there was dead, just like the rest of it would be when Leaffall came in a few moons.
Deciding that she didn't see another cat, especially her good friend Daisypaw, she thought the coast to be clear.
She set her light green orbs on the fresh-kill pile, and with her hind hunches, pushed forward out of the small entryway to her den. The wind ruffled through her fur as she quickly darted to the food, playing the game she and her fore-mentioned friend had just come up with. She broke out into a smile once she was almost there, thinking she'd win first.
She bent her head down and almost snapped up a fat, plump mouse. If her side weren't rammed into, knocking the breath out of her lungs as she landed roughly on the ground. Slightly dazed from the impact, she looked up to see her Daisypaw's paws on her body with a smile on her muzzle.
"I win Treepaw!" She shouted happily into the morning-air. Smirking, the she-cat stood up and jumped at Daisypaw, tackling her to the ground. Not liking the sudden turn of events, the yellow she-cat began fighting back playfully.
With sheathed paws and light-hearted bites, the two fought in the green landscaping of the ThunderClan camp. Some cats who had come out of their dens were watching or ignoring them and sharing tounges with others, but all were smiling because of the young she-cats antics.
Treepaw wasn't quite as tall as Daisypaw, who was a full mouse-tail taller than her, but she was quite quick. Once Daisypaw had her pinned, she gave a small glance at the back-paws of her opponent and quickly her own back leg a swing at them. This caused Daisypaw to fall to the side once and for all and Treepaw pushed herself up, laughing in glee.
"True, but I still beat you!" She exclaimed happily. The whole point of the game was for one of the cats to try and get a piece of prey without being caught by the 'enemy' and if they didn't get caught, they won, and if they did, if they didn't win the fight, they had to be the other's slave for a week.
Daisypaw rolled her grey eyes as she too stood up. Nonetheless, she was smiling at her younger friend's overexcitement.
"Treepaw! Daisypaw!" Came a grumble that neither she-cat wanted to hear. Thornstorm, the meanest warrior, and also Treepaw's mentor, was stalking towards them with a deadly look on his face. "What in the name of StarClan are you two doing?!" He mewed, the apprentices flinching at his tone.
"W-we were fighting," Came Daisypaw's dainty voice.
"Fighting? A kit could do more than the both of you combined! For causing ruckus, you both have elder care for a moon!" Thornstorm snapped. The two cats nodded their head bleakly, staring at the ground.
"Oh come on Thornstorm, don't be so mean. They were just having some fun," Said a new--to-the-scene cat. Treepaw risked getting in trouble with her mentor by raising her head to see and chucking Sunstar.
She nudged Daisypaw, who also raised her head and smiled; she was glad about being let out of her punishment. Sunstar would surely let them off with a warning, since it was after all just games.
"Only a week of elder duty," Came the leader's voice. Treepaw's mood was immediately deflated. Why did they have to be punished? They didn't do anything wrong.
"You two were playing around with well-needed prey, and woke up many cats, including Heatherpetal just gave birth to her kits last night," Sunstar explained, almost reading their mind. "But don't worry! I'm sure Twigfeather and Lilytail will appreciate the company."
"Yes sir," Treepaw mewed, bowing her head before excusing herself and Daisypaw as well. She glanced away from her friend to see her sister, Violetpaw, looking on at the situation with interest. The she-cat's light purple eyes met Treepaw's and she mewed to Daisypaw, " Hey, I'll talk to you later."
"'Kay," Was all she got as a reply before Daisypaw went off to talk with the other 3 apprentices, who immediately joked with her about what just happened to the unlucky pair.
Treepaw, her spirit seemingly refilled, bounced over to Violetpaw with a smile on her dark brown muzzle. "Hey sis!" She greeted.
"Hello..." Came Violetpaw's small reply as her eyes were looking at something other than Treepaw.
 Suddenly, her head snapped direction to her sister, making the dark brown she-cat flinch uncertainly. The piercing gaze of Violetpaw's eyes were powerful, and intimidating unlike her own friendly green one.
With no clear expression on her face, Violetpaw asked Treepaw, "Hey, do you want to go hunting?"
"Sure! Where did you want to go?" Treepaw answered and questioned.
"I'm not sure. Let's go," And immediately she start padding towards the entrance. Treepaw quickly called out for her to wait up and ran after out of the camp and into the forest.


Sheesh, all of my muse is taken up now. Hope you guys enjoyed! :3


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