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Ashwillow of FrostClan

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Ashwillow of FrostClan

Post by Stormheart on 09/01/14, 11:12 pm

Character Name: Ashwillow

Age: 36 moons

Gender: Male

Clan: FrostClan

Rank: Medicine Cat

Personality: Kind, Caring, Enthusiastic, Easygoing, Stubborn, Smart, Secretive

Ashwillow is a kind medicine cat who cares a lot about his clanmates. He is caring and makes a good medicine cat. He has always been interested in becoming a medicine cat by the time he was a tiny kit. He is very enthusiastic, and does not regret becoming a medicine cat. He is easygoing and often cheers up cats by joking with them. However, he can be quite stubborn at times, especially when other cats' lives are in danger. He is also very smart and would have made a good warrior, if he had chosen that path. He is very secretive though, and keeps his secrets to himself.

Appearance: Ashwillow is a dark gray tabby tom with black stripes, a lean body and a long tail. He also has quite long legs. He has a white-tipped tail and one paw is white. His fur is fairly long and he has a black nose.

Likes: Being a Medicine Cat, Helping Cats, Exploring, Chatting

Dislikes: Twolegs, Too Much Fighting, Losing Cats

Mate: None yet

Crush: Open

Kits: None yet

Family: Open

RP Example: The dark gray tabby tom walked along the snowy ground, feeling the icy snow on his paws. It's cold today; he though as he padded forwards through his territory. A faint whiff of mouse caught his nose, and he followed the scent until he saw a tiny mouse in some frosted bushes. He needed to catch it, as prey was scarce in the winter. He dropped into a crouch and padded silently towards it. He waited for a second, then leaped onto the mouse, killing it with one swift bite. He picked up the mouse in his jaws and started padding back to camp, his spirits high.

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Re: Ashwillow of FrostClan

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 10/01/14, 12:26 am


Remember, the old medicine cat is alive, but he's an elder now, so ask him (me) anything about herbs, and I will answer. 

Also, I like this character! Thank you for becoming the medicine cat of FrostClan. Let me go update the list and delete the announcement.

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Re: Ashwillow of FrostClan

Post by Stormheart on 10/01/14, 12:34 am

Thank you! Alright, I'll do that.:)

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Re: Ashwillow of FrostClan

Post by Sponsored content

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