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Charon of ~IHaven'tDecidedClan~

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Charon of ~IHaven'tDecidedClan~

Post by NecroFancy on 10/01/14, 04:39 pm

My name is Charon. I am a male and like females and males though i do prefer males.... I do not know my age since time means nothing for me.

Well my appearance isn't very complicated so here it is. I have a black, gray, and white tabby coat that is medium-long. My paws are large and have long claws with black socks. I have black markings around my eyes but i don't get how or why they are there. I have a blackish-gray nose, white teeth, and long whiskers.

Now you're asking for my personality and it is as simple as my appearance. I love tight spaces and the dark. I hate lots of light and loud noises. I like climbing and to my standards is a pretty good hunter though I've been alone so long I don't know.... I like forests and dappled light, rocks and moors, pine trees and marshes, and rivers and lakes..... though on a second thought I like marshes and pine trees better. I try not to socialize because if i rely on someone they die or backstab me. My family all dead and my last ties backstabbed me and now they hunt me.

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