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Post by megarin on 26/01/14, 09:44 pm

Something for another site.
My Microsoft Word is trying to lock me out so I'm saving this here.
I feel like I'm doing this a lot lately!
So sorry!


Name Meaning:
"Dark One"

Kiera is stuck in the past. She lives in underground tunnels beneath her kingdom. She has seemingly been alive forever, and she doesn't doubt that she might be a ghost.
She does not know how she got into the tunnels. She does not know how she can get out. Whenever others get lost in the ancient tunnels, she help lead them out with her abilities of light.
But she herself cannot leave. Maybe she was cursed, or maybe there is some kind of force keeping her down, but she cannot get past any of the exits in the tunnels.
Kiera lives by herself, but when she does meet other ponies she enjoys being with them. Often times her odd appearance and talent scare ponies, so she leaves them alone.
She makes friends with the few animals who live down in the tunnels with her. A few mice, rats. Lots of spiders. Even some blind fish in the watered parts of the tunnels. The animals love her because she provides heat and light for them, and gives them the only love they get as other ponies don't care much for them.
Kiera doesn't talk much and is actually very shy. Due to being in the tunnels for so long, she doesn't know how to interact with others.
She doesn't seem to need to eat, drink, or sleep.
Her life is very boring and she dreams of one day escaping the tunnels.

The Hidden Secrets:
Kiera was born thousands of years ago.
She was born under the mare that the evil king of the time had wanted as his wife. The mare had refused and found her own, true love.
The king was furious when their child was born.
He kidnapped the young filly and put a curse on her. She would never die and she would never be able to leave the dungeon tunnels.
He didn't kill her because he thought there would be less pain in just seeing their daughter go. Instead she would undergo this never-ending punishment for what her parents did.

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