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The New Era
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A new roleplay has opened up in the 'Other' Section!

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A new roleplay has opened up in the 'Other' Section!

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 21/02/14, 10:54 pm

There is now a zombie apocalypse roleplay, if you go under 'Other', then, to 'Human RP'

Post a topic about each of your characters past, if you want to join. It will be pre-apocalypse until you roleplay out what happened right before, etc. Every persons story varies. You can make it long, you can make it short. Or, make it unknown. Jump right into roleplay, and let people discover what truly happened.

Will you survive? That is for you to decide. But, remember to make some evil characters too. Something like the governor from The Walking Dead series, or just groups that lay claim to different food supply places, and don't allow anyone inside without a brutal consequence.

But, ask permission before you make a character that will make a heavy drama to a group. Some people might not want that just yet, etc.

This is new for The New Era, and I hope many will enjoy roleplaying in the new section.

Good luck! (And may the odds be ever in your favor! XD)

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