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Fawntail of Shadowclan

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Fawntail of Shadowclan

Post by Kitty on 22/02/14, 05:11 pm

Character name: Fawntail

Nickname: Fawntail

Character age: 21 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: Shadowclan

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Fawntail is very sweet and kind, just like her sister Robinwing. She is more heard-headed and tomboyish though. She is brave and not afraid to take risks. Fawntail is very persuasive in situations and won't give up. She is very short-tempered and not afraid to tell someone the truth.

Appearance: Fawntail is russet/brown she-cat. Her fur is very long and has light brown and white spots across her body like a fawn. Fawntail has large paws for her short size. Though she is short she is very fast and known for her speed. Also she has great camouflage skills because of her skills. Fawntail is else better at climbing trees. Her hunting is good but she hates any sort of fighting and sadness. She has a short tail that is spotted white.

Mental Disabilities:

Likes/Dislikes: Fawntail loves hiding and scaring people and kits. She also likes having fun and laughing. Fawntail loves clear days and hanging out with her sister and chatting with friends in the sun. She hates blood, death, or sadness. Fawntail doesn't like thunderstorms at all.

Current mate:

Current crush: Pinetail


Family: Robinwing


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