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Fishing for the Clan

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Fishing for the Clan

Post by Guest on 11/05/13, 12:28 pm

Hazeltail: A lithe, sleek, pale tabby she-cat perched at the shore of the river. She waited, watching the water for even the slightest flicker of movement. Suddenly, she saw a flash of scales. This was it! Without hesitating, the she-cat lunged her paw into the water, scooping out a medium sized trout with hooked claws. Slamming it onto the sand, she killed it with a bite to the neck. "Thank you, StarClan," Hazeltail meowed. "for the life of this fish."


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Re: Fishing for the Clan

Post by Guest on 15/05/13, 08:12 pm

Icestar walked up to the river for a small hunting for new kits in the nursery when she saw Hazeltail, a younger she-cat than her but not by much. She studied the warrior, watching her catch a fish and then thanking StarClan for it's life. Deciding to blow her cover, Icestar walked out from behind the bush she was sneaking behind.
"That was a very good catch, Hazeltail," Icestar mewed outloud.


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