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Snowkit/Icekit - StarClan -> Reincarnation (Not yet)

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Snowkit/Icekit - StarClan -> Reincarnation (Not yet)

Post by -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«- on 21/03/14, 02:08 pm

Name: Snowkit (Later Icekit)

Gender: Tom

Backstory: He was born in ThunderClan to his mother, Speckletail. He was completely deaf, and soon Fireheart and Cinderpelt realized this. Later, a hawk was in the camp. He couldn't hear their calls, and so he was still playing in the middle of the camp. The hawk swooped down and picked him up, and carried him away,

How he became deceased: Carried away and presumably eaten by a hawk.

Fur Colors: All white. (Later, white with a light gray overcoat.)

Eye Hue: Bright blue.

Residence (Post Death): StarClan

Residence: ThunderClan

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