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Mah Health Class Rap :3

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Mah Health Class Rap :3

Post by *Smoke* on 27/03/14, 09:45 pm

My health class teacher gave us a project on Monday, and it had four parts. You had to make a bracelet, rap song, a mascot, and a billboard for illegal drugs/medicines, alcohol and tobacco. You had a topic for each of them; for the mascot, you had to represent all 3.
We were put into groups of 3 or 4. One boy per group since there aren't a whole lot in my class. I'm paired up with the guy who is extremely selfless, and the girl who likes to joke. They're pretty cool, but not technically what I was hoping for as partners.
I've made the billboard, which was on alcohol. Our bracelet is on tobacco, so that means our rap is on illegal drugs/medicines. So here is the rough draft of it, due next Monday or Tuesday, depending on what my teacher wants to do.

Health Rap
Less Sad Version

For drugs it's best to say you can't
Nothing will help you by using an illegal stimulant
It will be a fading feeling
But it will be highly addicting
Some drugs will make you hallucinate
And LSD won't let your brain communicate
The option will follow you everywhere
Whether you survive or not, a dealer doesn't care
You'll believe the answer to everything is a narcotic
To everyone else it would just be chaotic
If you want a heart attack then try crack
If you live positive feelings are what your body will lack
But if you want a lethal body temp. then try Meth
It'll be hard to catch your breath
You may think it makes you look cool
But when you get caught you'll have fun being thrown out of school


Depressant, narcotic, inhalant, it doesn't matter what you take
One slip-up could become a huge mistake
You'll feel invincible for only a minute
And soon you will go past your limit

Muse For Song: Otherside Remix by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Fences

What do you guys think? :3


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Re: Mah Health Class Rap :3

Post by megarin on 27/03/14, 10:33 pm

Sorry, I was reading the whole think in my head in a rapping voice and I was laughinggg

I like it!

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Re: Mah Health Class Rap :3

Post by Kitty on 28/03/14, 07:12 am

So. Was. I. Lol nice job.

I have health too I HATE IT


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Re: Mah Health Class Rap :3

Post by NecroFancy on 01/04/14, 02:56 pm

In My "Health" "Class" we just write vocabulary words with a teacher that I quote said "I know you don't want to be here I don't want to be here either" Who hires a teacher that doesn't like what he does? I mean we have Health twice a flippin week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can at least try to teach us. Jeeze.

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Re: Mah Health Class Rap :3

Post by Sponsored content

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