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Vocabulary Assignment

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Vocabulary Assignment

Post by *Smoke* on 08/04/14, 08:08 pm

This is for school ^.^ We need to use 5 vocabulary words (which are high-lighted) in one of 9 choice assignments. I chose option number on, to write a story with 5 vocabulary words in it. Here it is :3


          Pounding could be heard from above the black and white feline's head. It had gotten increasingly louder the past hour the more the cat's owners played with that horrible creature they called a dog. Unfortunately it didn't tire quickly, and was quite heavy for its young age so it made noisy movements constantly.
          Mandy had been grooming herself only a week ago, the house serene and quiet. Her human's had gone out not too long ago, their children giving off prominent joy as they went along with their parents. They were treating the trip with the utmost importance for some odd reason. Since Mandy was simply just the normal house cat, she was used to things like this and paid no attention to the kid's squealing as they left. The kids were often excited about one thing or the other, and there seemed to be nothing about this dilemma that should make the cat be reluctant.
          However, when her owner's came back, Mandy was duped that they had brought home a rather large puppy. To her, this was a marginal change in her home- a negative change. Ever since that grim day, her quant home had lost its peace to be replaced with the constant barking of the highly-agitating puppy.
         Mandy tried to get used to the creature, she really did. But as the week went by, she found herself becoming more and more frustrated with the puppy her owners had since named 'Hank'. So now here she was. having a stare down with the puppy that had wandered down the stairs only a moment ago. It's gleeful eyes were watching the amber-eyed cat intently.
         The feline hissed at Hank, her fur fluffing out in all directions as she tried to seem threatening. The dog whimpered and took a step back, but its tail was still wagging back and forth as fast as when her owner's threw a ball for it. A growl appeared in Mandy's throat. She wanted to eradicate this thing, not play with it!
          In her angered state, Mandy failed to notice one of the adult humans bending down to pick her up. Reluctantly, the human placed her in the backyard of the small townhouse. She was now outside, the dog staring at her expectantly through the glass door. Its tongue was lolled out of its mouth, with its breath starting to fog up the glass. With one last hiss at Hank, Mandy turned around and headed off into the garden that made up the only place outside her human's let her go.
         The feline was grumbling to herself beside the fence that marked the boundary between her house and the next. Suddenly she felt the fence give a small shake. She looked up, her mood relaxing as she saw her closest friend named Poppy. She was a golden tabby with green eyes, and was much older than Mandy and also quite a bit wiser.
          Her whiskers twitching with amusement at seeing Mandy in such a mood, Poppy jumped down from the wooden fence beside her friend. Her paws made a soft thud beside the younger cat, but she paid no mind to it.
          "What's got your tail in a knot?" Her friend mewed, easily noticing how Mandy was in such a horrid mood.
           Mandy's tail twitched with annoyance as she thought about that to say to Poppy. "My humans got a puppy, and so far I don't like the senseless thing," She replied, her agitation appearing in her tone.
           All she got back from her friend was a small shrug. "Have you tried playing with him?" Came the surprising question. Mandy's amber eyes narrowed, trying to understand what her friend meant. Play with it? It would claw her fur off is she tried!
           "Listen, it's just a makeshift idea. I know it's not very dynamic, but it may work like it worked with me and Belle," Poppy explained, telling about her own problems she used to have with her owner's white poodle. Mandy's shoulders drooped a little, knowing she was right.
           Mandy nodded her head, agreeing with her friend. She promised to try being amusing with the puppy, and continued on to browse around the garden for the rest of the day as she waited for her owner's to call her back inside. When that time came, it was almost sunset and the sky was beginning to glow a soft red.
           Hesitantly, Mandy stepped foot into the house. She was in the central room, where her owner's often watched a screen. She jumped onto the small table between the seats and the screen, and waited to hear Hank. As she had heard earlier, there was pounding above head in the room above the one she was in. Knowing her destination, Mandy leaped down form the table and headed up the stairs.
           The puppy was playing with a small rope toy, which it threw around by itself as the family was eating food at a big table as they did almost every day. Hank immediately noticed her, and seemed ready to hang its head and back away from the cat. Instead of hissing or growling as she usually did, Mandy grabbed the rope toy with her claws. Though the puppy still looked skeptical, its tail started to wag.
           Giving the toy a twist and then release after Mandy had grabbed it with her teeth, the dog immediately ran after it to the other side of the room. Jumping back in fright from having Hank run so close to her, the feline regained her complexion. It was ruined by surprise as Hank came back to the cat and dropped the rope, ready for her to throw it again.
            A rumbling purr grew in her throat until Mandy herself was having a great time. They played throw-and-return until the humans came upstairs, shocked at the sudden turn of events. Together, they played happily until it was pass the time for sleep to come.
             As she lay in her bed, Mandy still had a soft purr in her. She had gained a new friend today, simply because she was willing to give him a chance. Now, the quant house could truly be home, where she could enjoy games as well as take as many naps as she wanted. Mandy couldn't ask for anything more.


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