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The New Era

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The New Era
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Pokémon Region!

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Pokémon Region!

Post by *Smoke* on 20/05/14, 05:08 pm

Welcome to the Pokémon world of The New Era!
Below is the map of the only available region as of now, so everyone may play their own Pokémon plots but still meet up with other plots! Most people start off in the town of Graywind!
To see the map more clearly, go to this link:

Professor Aspen is finding seven ten year olds every year, to give them their first Pokémon and to send them off on their very own Pokémon journey!
The picture above is Professor Aspen.

Each student of his gets to choose from three classic Pokémon, all of which start out at level five! He is studying the evolutionary process of Pokémon, and would very much appreciate a call if a Pokémon evolves!
But make sure you know about your Pokémon! A good trainer never loses a chance to learn more about their first Pokémon. Below are the sites for the above starter Pokémon!

Every trainer that starts with Professor Aspen can only choose from these three Pokémon, and he has multiple of them! Perhaps you'll meet one of the other students with the same Pokémon!
However, if you decide not to start with Professor Aspen, instead turning to Team Style, you will get to choose from three different Pokémon, only revealed to those who choose to take the stylish but devious path to catching them all!
Go and create your own characters, but keep in mind they must be around ten years old, because that is the age group that Professor Aspen sends off into the world of Pokémon! Teenagers would be too mature and advanced, and little kids would not be able to leave their parents for very long.
Now, post your introduction with Professor Aspen and watch as your character catches them all and defeats all eight gym leaders!

Link to the gym leaders: WIP


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