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The Banished Elf Legacy Challenge (Sims 3)

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The Banished Elf Legacy Challenge (Sims 3)

Post by *Smoke* on 03/06/14, 04:16 pm

You come from a land far away from the human city you are now stuck in. The Elders have banished you for not being perfect, as most Elven creatures were. You had a flaw in your hair, or maybe even a flaw in your trade-mark ears. You will never really be able to tell, for you were forced away from your kind not long ago.
Now you are among humans. Unhygienic and polluting are the only things you can describe them as. But you must get rid of these stereotypical thoughts, for you are now among them. If you are flawed to the Elven population, what are you to the humans?

Starting Your Challenge:
Start a new save file, or change your household in an old one. It doesn't truly matter, but I suggest doing the first one. You must always play your 'Elf' and his or her family at all times. You may place other custom families in the town, but cannot leave your own household.

For this, you begin with one Sim; it can be male or female, but it must look elf-ish (hence the name of the challenge). They should have odd colored eyes, hair, and have pointy ears. You can make the flaw they were banished for obvious, or make it subtle. It is honestly up to you on facial features!
For names, you can make something unique or have them change because they did not want to stand out. Names are a place to be unique, so don't miss out on back-stories here!
Obviously, your elf has been banished. He or she should have rugged clothes on, and not the most stylish hair. Clothes form the SN EP would be perfect for this. It doesn't matter what age your Sim is, as long as he/she is a teen or older.

You must buy a 64x64 lot, but it doesn't matter which town you choose to play in. I personally like Aurora Skies for this, but again, it's up to you.
Do a little bit of landscaping for your Sim's lot, and then give them a sleeping bag. Using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, set their family funds to 0 by typing in (familyfunds [Sim's last name] 0) without the parenthesis.

This challenge is very similar to the Runaway Teen challenge, so you can look that up to learn more about what you can do as well. This is basically a mix of that challenge and the Legacy challenge with ten generations and starting off with only a sleeping bag, with a twist on it.

There is no cheating for this, except for the familyfunds cheat in the beginning. Other than that, please be cheat free to truly enjoy this challenge.
All mods are allowed, as long as they do not interfere with the 'cheat-free' rule.
Sims can use Ambrosia, death-flowers, life-fruit, etc., but only after gathering a whole batch of them first. Your Sim is an Elf, and it isn't unlikely for them to stumble upon something like that.
For generations, your Elf Sim is generation one, and their child is generation two, and so on. This can go past the initial 10 generations if you wish it to. But there is no triggering age transitions for any age unless they have reached all requirements for that age.
For toddlers that means: They must learn to walk, talk, and use the potty chair (if you have Aurora Skies, you cannot do this through the play pen and the walker).
For children: They must have an A in school, but they do not have to be on the honor roll. Their homework must be done when you age them up.
For teens: Teens must have an A in school, and be on the honor roll. Homework must be done when you age them up.
You can age up young adults, adults, and technically elders whenever you want to, but it is not the wisest route to go on.
This goes for every generation, and even if the Sims are not the heirs to the family, they must still have met at least one of these requirement in each age level.

To Make the Challenge Harder:
-Try to have your Elven flaw make it through as many generations as possible.
-Completely get rid of any Elven features your founder has.
-Go past generation 10.
-Make their family tree as large as possible.
-Have a 'family trait', which is a trait that the founder starts off with, and every heir must have.

Ask any questions you want to, and happy Simming!


Smoke~ Hey people on New Era. This is kind of a draft for a challenge I'm making mostly for myself. I'm just uploading it to share it :3 I would love your guys' opinions if you have any!


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